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A Hiker’s Dream Dopp Kit

Getting my toiletries ready for this year’s annual hiking trip was a breeze. I knew we were going to be at it for a couple of days, and it couldn’t have been simpler to set up my kit because everything I needed was right there for me to choose from. I picked a durable mesh bag so I could quickly locate my gear without missing a step, confidant it would all stay together. It worked like a charm.

Give the Gift of Personal Hygiene to Those in Need

Personal hygiene is a critical part of self confidence. Studies show that there is a strong correlation between personal hygiene and self-esteem, and it is one of the basic skills that are taught to small children as an essential part of participation in day-to-day society. There have been links between poor personal hygiene and depression, good personal hygiene and success, and personal hygiene habits and health concerns.

However, easy personal hygiene is not an option always available to everyone. For the homeless and indigent, the facilities may not be available to maintain good personal cleanliness, and they may be lacking the basic products, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, shaving cream and razors, combs, and more. From church food pantries to homeless shelters to organizations providing street outreach to programs for disabled veterans, all of these organizations and institutions can benefit from readily available and conveniently packaged personal care supplies.

How to Create a Great Business or Family Special Event

A successful event requires careful and thoughtful planning and preparation, if it’s to go off without a hitch. This applies regardless of whether the event in question is for business or for pleasure. Here are some tips for making a business or family event truly special:

1. Define Your Event:

Every event, be it to highlight a business success, launch a product, or celebrate a family occasion, has a purpose. Are you trying to bring attention to a product with media coverage?  Or galvanize a business team with a reward well-earned? 

Renew Yourself in the New Year with Quick Family Winter Getaways

Now that the holidays are behind us, and we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, it’s time to refresh and renew and maybe just relax a little. Winter season is the perfect time to plan a weekend getaway or three-day holiday to rest your body and soul. 

Making Holiday Travel and Giving Easier with Convenience Kits

Just the phrase “holiday travel” is enough to summon visions of long airport lines, overstuffed suitcases, unhappy children, bad weather, and assorted other visions of chaos. But you can make your life a whole lot easier if you consider purchasing pre-packed travel kits from Convenience Kits International. Here are a few products and a few ways to make your holidays a little less hectic, a lot cheerier, and maybe even give back a little bit:

Top Tips for Travelling with Kids

Travel with kids is one of the highlights of their life and yours. Memories will be made that will last a lifetime. If that’s not too much pressure to make sure a vacation with your children goes well, what is?

The reality is that travelling with children is an exercise in logistics that could stymie even the most competent and organized of parents. And at the end of the day, it’s organization that will save you. Because our company specializes in convenience, we know all about how to put together great TSA-complianttravel kits for kids and adults, and we have more than a few thoughts on what makes for stress-free travel with children.

Custom Travel Kits are Simply the Best

I have to admit that I really have a thing for products specifically designed for travel. I mean, anything, from airline meals (I just love the way that everything is so efficiently packaged) to those clever, curved pillows made for travel sleeping (zzzzzz). But for me, the holy grail of travel products is travel toiletries. You will find me lingering in drugstore aisles, jealously eyeing those bins of travel-size items: shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, tiny tubes of toothpaste. It’s an endless array of mini size personal care.

Put Custom Convenience Kits to Work for Your Company

While our prepacked travel kits meet most travelers’ needs, you may decide that you prefer to pick and choose items for a custom travel kit. Just select the items and the bag you want, upload your company logo, and you have your own custom kits. Here’s how you can put custom convenience kits to work for your company:

1) Add to your next big event

Any event, whether it’s an international conference or a small, gathering of local businesses, is a place where you want to get noticed. Make your next event a special one by offering custom travel kits to conference and event attendees. With your logo and a TSA-compliant travel kit in their hands, they will be sure to remember that you are a company that stands out from the crowd.

Road Warrior Habits: Good Health Practices for the Business Traveler

Personal health and self care can be particularly precarious on the road, especially for business travelers. The fast-paced life of running to catch planes, make meetings, and grab a meal can put you on overload. Here are some ways to keep mind and body together while travelling for business.

  1. Pack Wisely: Few things are more disconcerting than not having the right items at hand, or worse, losing your personal care items at the security gate for not being TSA-compliant. Make your list and check it twice. Be sure to pack all necessary prescriptions, including a spare pair of glasses, if needed. Also, having a travel kit that you can carry on will go a long way toward keeping your sanity and health if your luggage is lost.

Business + Pleasure: Taking Your Family Along for the Ride

Business travel can be stressful, with its long hours, hectic journeys, and back-to-back meetings. In this fast-paced world, it can be hard to imagine that you could fit the family dynamic into a business trip. But there can be a lot of pluses to having your spouse and kids along for the ride. Here’s how to make an enjoyable trip for all:

  1. Look at the Upside:
    There's no denying that taking advantage of hotel nights and reduced airfare is a real benefit for bringing family along. Provided they have a real interest in the destination and want to make the trip, you could have a winning combination. As long as you don't mind kissing them goodbye to go work while they go play, it can be a real cost-savings.

Great Looking Bags Bring Back The Art Of Travel

Sure you could go big this summer and book an exotic vacation instead of the same old summer rental or staycation, but let’s face it, in the era of online booking, airbnb and budget deals, it’s easy for many of us to skip the exciting travel rituals that make a getaway special. But rest assured, there is still an art to travel and it doesn’t include taking out a second mortgage to finance your holiday. Ask any stylish jetsetter and they’ll tell you that the right bag is a worthy investment that can elevate your trip – and fashion status – quicker than you can say upgrade. Whether you’re going to the mountains, shore or lakefront for the weekend or planning a longer visit or business trip, choosing a great looking bag means you’ll look effortlessly chic wherever you’re headed and always have the essentials at hand.

Buying Hygiene Kits in Bulk

Why buy hygiene kits and convenience kits in bulk? It’s just one of those great, useful ideas–one with lots of advantages, but that’s often overlooked.

The need for convenient hygiene kits is growing in an increasing number of areas. Cleanliness is important to our good health, yet families fleeing their homes because of disaster, war, or other dislocation often struggle to afford or even find necessary hygiene supplies. Humanitarian aid project planning is increasing across the globe among those among those who serve and assist in disaster situations. Hygiene kits delivered through schools or orphanages encourage healthy habits for children (something they increasingly don’t get at home). As long-distance travel continues to become a bigger and more routine part of our business and personal lifestyles, the need for quick, organized hygiene convenience rises. As people are increasingly aware of the need for preparedness–and the “prepper” culture grows–convenient hygiene kits are a must for inclusion in emergency “go-bags.”

Budget Travel: How to Get Way Away for Way Less

If you want to change your perspective, get out of town. There’s nothing like travel to give you a fresh outlook on life. But getting away from it all can take its toll on the wallet. Here’s how to have your trip and save money, too.

1. Take several smaller trips

Rather than plan a costly two-week getaway for a big blowout vacation, try to break up your travel into smaller chunks like 3- and 4-day mini-trips. Even a weekend out of town can perk you up. And it’s amazing how much you can fit into a short vacation, if you really put your mind to it.

Easy Ways to Plan a Kid-Friendly Vacation

Family vacations are some of the most poignant memories of childhood, and that’s why parents work so hard to save and plan for them. They remember when their own parents did the same for them. Here’s how you can make sure you squeeze in a family vacation this year, and , and make memories to last a lifetime, even when time and money are short:

Make Planning Your Next Corporate Event a Cinch

Nobody really knows the insanity of being a corporate event planner like an event planner. Most will agree it’s a similar experience to herding cats. Just when you think you have one aspect under control, something else goes completely out of control. And the irony is that when the event is a smashing success, no one has any idea of all the stress involved in getting there.