Stay Happy and Healthy While You Travel

When most of us think of hygiene, we think of washing our hands and brushing our teeth. But keeping up with personal hygiene is more than just being presentable– it’s about staying healthy, both on the inside and out.

Maintaining personal hygiene is important for many reasons– personal, social, physical well-being, and psychological. Now more than ever there’s an emphasis on staying not just hygienic, but sanitary.

Keeping a portable hygiene kit to help you incorporate daily habits offers the first line of defense against the spread of illnesses and viruses– not to mention looking and feeling your best. That being said, what does it mean exactly to practice good hygiene? Incorporating daily hygienic habits includes:

  • Washing the body often. If possible, you should bathe every day. There may be times when this is not possible, for example, when people are out outdoors or traveling without access to a shower. In this case, try to use a sanitizing wipe.
  • Brushing the teeth after each meal is the best way to prevent the spread of bacteria and avoid tooth decay. It’s important to clean teeth in the mornings and immediately before going to bed.
  • Washing your hair at least once a week
  • Wash hands with soap after going to the toilet and being in a bathroom
  • Washing hands with soap before and after preparing and eating
  • Washing hands regularly throughout the day. During normal daily activities, such as working and being outside, disease-causing germs may get on the hands and under our nails. If germs aren’t washed off throughout the day, they have a higher risk of spreading.

Options for Everyone

The customizable travel kits from Convenience Kits International offer a product selection to fulfill any hygiene need that may come up. One size doesn’t always fit all which is why with our customizable kits, you can choose exactly what you want to be tailored to your individual needs or the needs of a group. We offer men's, women's, and unisex products.

Our personal hygiene kits offer eight different types of products to choose from:

  • Sanitizers: Choose between two different hand sanitizers.
  • Shampoo and body soap: Choose from 2-n-1 shampoos and conditioners, a 3-n-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, or a plain shampoo. 
  • Conditioners: Choose from four popular conditioners that are suitable for any hair type.
  • Oral hygiene: Our toothbrush choices include a full size with soft bristles or a travel size. Toothpaste choices include fluoride, total care for sensitive teeth, and whitening. Choose from floss picks or a roll of standard dental floss. There are three different flavors of mouthwash to choose from that include two alcohol-free options.
  • Nasal care: Option to include a saline nasal spray.
  • Body wipes: We offer five options of body wipes for the times when you can’t shower, need to wipe off sweat, remove makeup, or just wish to refresh yourself. Choose from two no-rinse bathing wipes, a cleansing wipe for the face, baby wipes, and plain tissue paper.
  • Body products: Stay smooth with four different razors and four different shaving creams to choose from with options for sensitive skin. There are also options for a facial cleanser, body wash, four different lotions, and baby powder.
  • Deodorant: There are six options to choose from for deodorants including an option for men, women, and those with sensitive skin. 
  • Accessories: Choose from extra options that appeal to the demographic you wish to target. You can include hair accessories such as a brush, comb, or hair clip. Shower caps and eye masks and earplugs are also available. You can also include a compact mirror or set of 10 face masks. 

We offer four plastic and see-through bags to choose from that can fit between 6-10 items inside. You also have the option to include a custom logo of your choice– add your business, company name, or initials 

Order in Bulk and Save

The customizable hygiene kits from Convenience Kits International can be ordered in bulk starting with a minimum of 15 kits. Even the smallest of groups can still benefit from huge savings.

Our travel sizes that come in the kits are the same products as the normal sizes offered at stores to the public. Whereas we can’t testify to each brand’s longevity with a specific date, it is important to note that these brands have products with fairly long shelf lives. Customers should expect each product to last and be ready when they need to use it, even if it’s not immediately.

Great for Any Type of Group

Our customizable personal hygiene kits are ideal for all types of different organizations. From frequent travelers to corporate giveaways, these customizable kits are great for any group who benefit from ordering in bulk:

  • Education organizations: Order kits for students who are traveling abroad, clubs who go on outings, and other activities that involve traveling and extended stay.
  • Nonprofit organizations: Personal hygiene kits make wonderful bags to give out to those in need at food banks, homeless shelters, and other philanthropist organizations. 
  • Transportation companies: Trucking companies and those who employ long-haul truck drivers, professional drivers, and delivery drivers who are away from home for long periods. 
  • Construction companies: A convenience kit is great for tradesmen and those who travel for work, especially those with contract jobs where they’re away from home have to stay in hotel rooms or temporary housing. 
  • Hotels, motels, and beds and breakfasts: Convenience kits are good investments for those in the hospitality industry who wish to welcome their guests with a premade kit that serves all their hygiene and personal care needs, giving them everything they need for their stay away from home. 
  • Small groups of those traveling by airline: All of our products are the legal size required for liquids in carry-on bags so that you can pass easily through security at any airport. No matter what you choose, all of our products are TSA-approved. 

Our easy-access menu allows you to choose exactly what you want. As always, if you need any help completing your order, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service who’d be happy to walk you through the process.