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While our prepacked travel kits meet most travelers needs, many prefer to pick and choose items to customize their travel kits. We make it easy.

*We aim to get you your custom order in the shortest time possible. However, usual processing time is 5-7 business days depending on size of order. Please call for rush orders.

Pick your favorite items to create your perfect Convenience Kit!

Convenience Kits gets even more convenient with these custom-built, TSA compliant kits. First, select the type of bag, from simple to fancy. Next, choose from a wide range of personal care items, from shampoos and conditioners to oral hygiene and shaving items to deodorants and accessories. Build your kits to your custom specifications, and purchase as many as you need (100 minimum per order). Now that's convenient!

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Our convenience travels kits are available in dozens of options and sizes. All items are TSA-compliant sizes. Here are a few fresh ideas for ways that you can use our pre-packaged and custom travel and personal care kits:

1. I want to purchase some kits for the homeless shelter in my town. What should I send?

Choose from our prepackaged kits specifically featuring non-branded personal hygiene items. These include men's, women's, and unisex kits with basics like shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream, toothpaste and toothbrush, disposable razor and comb. There are also expanded 10-piece hygiene kits and pared down oral, shampoo, and shaving kits. Send from one kit to 100 or more. Call for quantity pricing at 1-800-859-5487 (KITS).

2. I am taking my bridesmaids away for a weekend adventure. Can I put my wedding monogram on the bags?

Make your bridal party events or getaways extra special with a monogrammed travel bag for each member of your wedding party. Put a logo or monogram on any of our clear front bags. Just send a PDF of the logo or monogram image to Convenience Kits, and we can screen your monogram or logo on a minimum order of 100 bags. Extra costs may apply.

3. I usually run out of toothpaste and shampoo on my trips. Are there any kits with just those items?

Create your own custom kit (minimum order of 100 kits) with whatever ingredients you prefer, including your favorite name brand items. For example: you can order a kit with 3 Crest toothpastes and 3 Pantene shampoos. Pack them in a zip-lock bag for the most economical way to "restock" your travel kit. Have items ready at a moment's notice for whenever you go on the road.

4. I want to make sure I have exactly the right items for my travel kit. Is there a way to customize?

Convenience Kits offers a custom-kit building tool for creating the perfect kit for your travels. You can choose from a wide array of bags and then fill them with your choice of shampoo, oral care, shaving, and accessory brand name items. Have several on hand to grab and throw into your suitcase anytime you have to hit the road. It's the perfect way to travel.