Hygiene & Stay Safe Kits

With personal items that specfically designed and packed to help keep people safe our personal hygiene kits perfect. Filled with essential items, these kits come in a convenient, zippered nylon bag. All items are travel sized, TSA approved.

Unisex 10 PC Hygiene Kit
In stock, ready to ship
Item #: 425
Price: $6.60

Unisex 10 PC Hygiene Kit

Stay Safe
In stock, ready to ship
Item #: 412-case
Price: $38.80

Stay Safe™ Germ Protection Kit

New lower cost!

*Price per kit $4.85
**Can only be purchased in cases, 8 kits each
**200+ cases call for customization and/or discount opportunities

Bulk Hygiene Products  Pack
In stock, ready to ship
Item #: bulk-hygiene-pack
Price: $72.00

Bulk Hygiene Products Pack

Bulk pack of 11 Items
Ready for 10 packs

Standard 9 pc Hygiene
In stock, ready to ship
Price: $3.75

Standard 9 pc Hygiene & Toiletries Kit

*Price per kit $2.50
**100+ cases call for customization and/or discount opportunities

Item #: 55
Price: $6.75

Unisex 7 PC Hygiene Kit

*Price per kit $6.65 

Oral Care 6 pc Travel Kit
In stock, ready to ship
Item #: 88
Price: $4.90

Oral Care 6 pc Travel Kit

Unisex Hygiene Kit
In stock, ready to ship
Item #: 002
Price: $6.75

Unisex Hygiene Kit

*Custom logo available (100 kits+)

Can I purchase the Hygiene Kits in Bulk?

Yes! Our hygiene kits are a perfect gift to give to groups such as school children, homeless, office workers, sports teams, and friends & family! We offer several case discounts and ordering options to fit all of your bulk ordering needs! Feel free to order just a single case of our hygiene kits, for many options, we offer bulk ordering of 50 cases or more!

Hygiene is more important than ever in a post-pandemic environment. Make sure that you always have your basic hygienic needs covered while you travel and navigate a new post-COVID environment. Give these hygiene kits to your family and friends to make sure that everyone is staying safe and happy.

These hygiene kits are perfect for giving to the people you care about most and our cost-effective options give you lots of flexibility when ordering. If you order in bulk, we offer increasing discounts for larger orders. We even allow you to put your logo on the resealable pouches on some bulk orders!

Are these Hygiene Kits TSA approved?

All of our Hygiene Kits are pre-assembled and TSA approved - so you don’t have to worry about any mishaps with your products in your carry-ons. Our secure zippered pouches keep all of your hygiene kit toiletries apart from the rest of your belongings.

All of the products used are travel sized and TSA compliant. TSA requires that all liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes in your carry on bag are allowed in a quart-sized container and are limited to travel sized containers that do not exceed 3.4 oz. Any larger containers of gels, aerosols, liquids, creams, or pastes must be placed into a checked bag.

Whether your Hygiene Kit has 5 or 15 items, all of our hygiene kits are TSA compliant and perfect to bring with you when you travel. Whether you are just taking a quick getaway or need to spend some time away from home, these travel hygiene kits are packed with your needs in mind. Note: we also have baby care Hygiene kits as well as men and women specific items.

Will these Items Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 and other viruses?

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control)  and WHO (World Health Organization), good hygiene practices such as washing hands often and maintaining bodily cleanliness does help stop the spread of coronaviruses and other diseases.

Our hygiene kits include items that will reduce the spread of viruses and other virus-causing bacteria. If you are focusing on hygiene in terms of COVID-19 and travel, we highly recommend our Germ Protection Kit (only available in cases) which includes Fresh Scent Hand Sanitizer (2 oz.), Eucerin Hand Lotion (1 oz.), Scope Mouthwash (1.2 oz.), Kleenex Tissue Pack, Disposable Face Mask (FDA approved) - all packed into an easy-to-carry zippered pouch with attached carabiner for portability.

How do I create my own custom Hygiene Kit?

You can customize every aspect of your hygiene kit to fit all of your needs, and even order them in bulk! We partner with several different companies to bring you a wide variety of products in every category.

First, choose your secure resealable container that best fits your needs and size requirements for your travel/hygiene kit. We even offer a great variety of accessories to completely customize your hygiene kits and add some style to your bag! We know that everyone’s hygiene needs are different, so we gave our customers the option to fully customize their travel kits. Minimum customization travel kit order is 15 kits. Receive discounts for larger bulk orders.