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While we’ve thought of a prepackaged kit for nearly every scenario under the sun, you know your hygiene needs better than anyone. Whether you are shopping for yourself, your family, or perhaps to give away in mass, custom kits allow you to choose products from our huge inventory and package them to meet a specific need. Choose your bag and then simply walk through our easy to access menu and click on the items you would like to add. These customized options are available with a minimum 100 kit order, putting custom convenience at your fingertips.

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Questions and Answers

Q: Are all products offered in the customized group TSA approved?

Absolutely. In many ways, the TSA has set the standard for travel sized options whether you are travelling by plane or not. Our customers love the convenience of knowing that they can grab any item and hop on plane if they so choose.

Q: What’s the minimum order for these customized kits?

The minimum order for this array of customized kits is 100 individual kits. This makes them ideal for frequent travellers and corporate giveaways as they are priced for bulk purchase.

Q: How many items can you fit in each bag?

This one varies by preference and choice. The bags are plastic which do have a little give to them. So to say you can’t shove one more shampoo in there would be inaccurate. However, most of our pre packaged kits come with 6 to 10 items inside. It depends on which items you order and in what quantity. The dimensions of the bags are displayed, but just know that in excess of 10 items it becomes a case by case decision.

Q: How long do the products last if ordered in bulk?

Whereas we can’t testify to each brand’s longevity, it is important to note that these same products are sold throughout the US with fairly long shelf lives. Frequent travelers or large families ordering in bulk should expect each product to stand up to the test of time and be ready when you need it most.