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The Common Sense Genius of Hygiene Travel Kits

To say that travelling can be a stressful experience would be an understatement. To say that travelling through a modern airport is like swimming in the ocean, or better yet, the Dead Sea, after repeatedly nicking yourself shaving would be putting it lightly. Let’s face it, anything and everything that makes this experience a little easier is worth its weight in gold. Throw in a couple of screaming kids and an overly touchy feely TSA agent and you might  literally pay gold for anything that can bring relief. Thankfully, a king’s ransom is unnecessary. For just a few bucks you can pick up the most common sense item that every traveller needs. In fact, it makes so much sense it might actually be genius. The hygiene travel kit is the most obvious thing you’ve never thought of before, but once you do you’ll never go back.

6 Ways to Get the Most out of Solo Travel: From Travel Kits to a Sense of Curiosity

Are you planning a solo trip to help you experience the wonder of the world, while also discovering a more authentic version of you? Then you’ve got a lot to think about and even more to be excited about! But, it’s important to consider the practical aspects, as well as the spirit of solo travel. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you get in the right mindset for an amazing trip that will also save you a few hassles along the way.

Top 3 Spring Break Ready Men’s Travel Kits for 2018

It's already March.  If you're in business, Q1 has almost come to a close (did you hit your goals?).  The year is rapidly flying by and, for students, that means it's time for a break.  Not just any break though, THE break of the year. 

Spring break is the time for students of all ages and levels to unwind and forget about school for a week, sometimes more.  No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks, you know the song.

Typically, when you think about spring break, you think about droves of scantily clad students flocking to paradise-esque locations ala Florida, Hawaii, or the beaches of Mexico.  Movies have been made about it, social media posts glorify it and, when you're a student, you live for those moments and memories.

3 Simple Steps To Building Your Ideal Travel Kit

  1. Pick your bag
  2. Select travel size personal hygiene items
  3. Buy in bulk, Personalize with your logo

*Quantity Discounts Available

3 simple steps to build your ideal travel kit


Deciding What to Donate: Hygiene Kits, Skills, Platelets and More

If helping those in need has been on your mind for a while, today might be the day we give you the little push you need to start. Maybe you feel like there are so many people needing help that you don’t know where to begin, or perhaps you’ve been wondering how best to help them.

As a leading provider of hygiene kits for the homeless and others in need, and collaborators with the National Health Care for Homeless Council and National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, we are no stranger to the world of charity.

So, let’s take a look at the types of organizations you might find in your neighborhood, the people in need and what you can easily do to lend a hand.

Convenient grab-and-go AXE - Travel Hygiene Kit

Staying clean and fresh is essential whether you are on more adventurous travels, or you are off on a short city break. With the discomfort associated with travel, it will be familiar with anyone that has done short haul or any international. It is not only about crowded airports, tiny airline toilets, bad food and cramped airline seats. Travelling; waiting in line, transfers, airport layovers and everything that goes with it is frustrating and sweaty and after days on a long way journey, or after a full day, of negotiating trains, airport and baggage claims you will not be your freshest.  It goes exclusive of saying that staying for too long with sweats is uncomfortable not to say unhygienic but there is no certain way to kill off a holiday romance before it has even started than by being unkempt and smelly.

Making Business Travel Work for Women with Families

Business travel can be exciting when you're travelling for new business and opportunities. Frequent business travel, however, can be tiring and especially difficult for women who have families at home. For mothers (and fathers too) regular business travel can leave you feeling anxious and guilty about missing out at home while trying to stay present on your business trip.

In this article, we've listed some ways to help make your business travel run smoothly so you can stay focused on business while balancing your family life at home. The key to making business travel work for you is making things convenient and easy for your individual situation.

Keep reading below for our tips on making business travel work for women with families.

Staying clean and fresh on long trips and journeys

Staying clean and fresh on long trips and journeys can be a pain, whether you are traveling domestically or internationally for business or pleasure you will always end of stiff, sweaty and not looking your best.

A wash, shave and a spray of deodorant or aftershave will not only make you presentable for your business meeting, it will improve your relationship with the person in the next seat on the plane. Sitting next to someone with horrific body odour on an eleven hour transatlantic flight is a really bad way to start or end your trip.

Travel Hygiene Kit

Whether you are off on a short city break or on more adventurous travels staying fresh and clean is essential. Anyone that has done any international, or even short haul, travel will be familiar with the discomfort associated with travel. And I’m not just talking about cramped airline seats, tiny airline toilets, bad food and crowded airports. Traveling; airport layovers, transfers, waiting in line and everything that goes with it is sweaty and frustrating and after a full day, or days if you are traveling a long way, of negotiating airports, trains and baggage claims you will certainly not be your freshest.

How to make your holiday travel go smoothly

The things you need to pack and do for smooth sailing holiday travel.

Holiday travel – just the thought of it can make many people shudder at the visions of long check-in lines, flight delays and cancellations, and feeling less than fresh after long-haul travel. Here, we’ve listed some things you can do and what you need to pack to make your holiday travel go smoothly.

Hygiene On Hand For Disadvantaged Youth

Primary health and wellbeing is something we may take for granted. Not this sector though.

The importance of hygiene kits for underprivileged people cannot be overstated.

This was made abundantly clear at a recent event sponsored by the Positive Impact Community Resource Center. Kits provided by this and other 7 non-profit centers, provide the basics that are so essential for those who don’t have access to such items.

Making Business Travel Work for Women with Families

Business travel is often seen as a whirlwind of glamor and excitement…by those who don’t need to do it. Those who do travel regularly know that while it can be glamorous and exciting, it’s often tiring and dull, too. If you’re a regular business traveller who also happens to be mother, you’ll know that it is extra-exhausting for you, adding yet more lines to an endless to-do list and taking you away from your kids more often than you’d like.

5 awesome travel destinations for fitness-loving men

Going on vacation is something we all look forward to. Something we don’t look forward to though, are the extra pounds that creep on between lazing about and sipping cocktails. But what if you could do both? Enjoy a fun vacation while staying fit and looking after yourself with a travel kit and exercise? Here are 5 of the best travel destinations for you fitness loving men out there.

Hospital Admission Kits

Admission to a hospital occurs in various ways. Treatment that begins in the ER may require additional treatment that causes a patient to be unexpectedly admitted to the hospital. At other times, patients know they will be admitted. 

The admissions process begins by meeting with admission personnel who gather preliminary information. During the orientation process, the hospital admissions kit is supplied. The contents of a hospital admissions kit are items that outfit a recently-admitted patient in a hospital.

How to get organised for family travel

Whether you still use a good old pen and paper to stay organized or you’re more of a tech-savvy organizer, having one central place to keep all your vacation planning stored is crucial to planning a well-organized vacation. Keep your vacation to-do list, travel information, contact information for airlines and hotels, car rental information, passports, frequent flyer information and itineraries in one place like a dedicated folder and notebook or electronically with notebook programs and folders saved in the cloud.