How One Company is Bringing Luxury Convenience to the Needy

It is perhaps a misnomer to call this product luxury given that most only cost a few bucks. Then again, the problem this product solves has such unparalleled convenience it sounds like something one might expect to cater to those who can easily buy a solution to any problem. Convenience Kits International has made travel, hygiene and social outreach easier than ever before. While the products themselves solve an immediate problem for any traveler, it is the social impact that makes this organization truly unique. The same type of products they might sell to the well-off business person flying in first class are also available in many forms for the homeless, downtrodden and needy. Luxury convenience and social impact have met at a unique juncture and I think you’ll see why below.

Travel Will Never be the Same

For the savvy traveler, the days of measuring out shampoo and other personal care necessities into TSA approved size containers are over. Moreover, so are the day of forgetting a hygiene essential on a trip and having to pay $5 bucks for a mini sized deodorant at the hotel gift shop. Convenience Kits International has made that an entire process as simple as click and ship. They sell travel and hygiene kits packed with the leading products in the industry at amazing prices.

In fact, they are even priced to a point that you can disregard packing them back up and bringing them back home if you are so inclined. Next time you are ready to travel, just order another kit. What’s more exciting is that these kits can be completely tailored to your individual needs, whether you are packing for a male, female or even kids. You don’t need to frantically shop the travel isle at the grocery store the night before the flight. If you are a man/ Woman on the go, simply choose from one of the many Man on the Go travel options. If the baby is coming with you then this Johnson and Johnson Baby Travel Bag has got you covered.

If you have ever travelled then you get the point.You understand just how this little kit makes your life remarkably easier. All kits are TSA compliant and you can even personally customize what products are added. It’s a no brainer that sees a high number of repeat customers. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to the old way of travel. That’s luxury convenience for common sense prices. But let’s talk about that social impact.

Bringing Convenience to Social Change

For as little as a buck or two a kit, Convenience Kit International is bringing this unparalleled convenience to those in need and non-profits are loving it. Whether it is a homeless veteran or perhaps a family on the verge of living on the streets, self-care quickly becomes a struggle for those in need. This is more than just giving someone the ability to brush their teeth or wash their hair, this is about empowering those who struggle to understand that they have value. The body is the armature of the self and when people are able to retain their dignity and self-worth during a difficult season of life it matters.

The use of these products have been embraced by major organizations providing assistance to the homeless, disaster relief and a variety of other social causes. However, they have also been used by the ordinary caring person with a heart to be a Good Samaritan. Rather than hand out a dollar or two to those asking for help, they are able to empower the person in need with a hygiene kit that is small, compact and easy to take with them wherever they go. To both the well-off business traveler and the person seeking housing, this is most certainly a luxur convenience. Convenience Kit International has committed to not only transforming the process of travel, but the very world around them.