Keep Your Kid Fresh and Clean as they Head Back to School

Every school year brings with it a myriad of unknowns and opportunities. Perhaps today will be the day he finally makes the varsity team. Then again, perhaps this is the day he gets detention for starting a food fight in the cafeteria. Each day can be as unpredictable as the next and you never really know what you are going to get. So if you are looking be prepared for everything between gym class and a spontaneous food fight then you might want to check out Convenience Kits International. For the busy parent with the kid whose known to get a little messy from time to time, these one stop pre-packed kits will have everything your kid needs to make it through the day fresh, clean and ready for any emergency.

A Kit for Every Emergency

Perhaps the greatest thing about purchasing a pre-packaged hygiene kit is that it has everything you need for just about every scenario. Let’s just take this Women’s Deluxe 10 piece Pantene Travel Kit. Yes, this kit is packaged perfectly in TSA compliant sizes that make it perfect for ease of travel. However, those same features make them ideal to fit into school lockers and backpacks. So whether it to clean up after cheerleading practice or just to have it handy for a hygiene emergency at school, this kit delivers what you need.

However, having a kit accessible to your kid at school is not only for the emergencies that you can imagine. In fact, it might be best served to be there for all the emergencies you can’t even imagine. School can be a trying time for youth and simple routine hygiene issues can lead to teasing and other inappropriate reactions. Having a travel sized toothbrush or even a small offering deodorant can go a long way to helping youth navigate this challenging season of life.

A Kit for Every Kid

Lest the young men think they are off the hook here, I think we might as well go ahead and admit that there are few things more stinky than a growing teenage boy! Now, we do make kits for full grown men like this Men’s 10 piece Deluxe Hygiene Kit. However, they do come with a razor for shaving and most schools might certainly frown upon this in a bookbag. Thankfully, we offer a variety of men’s kits and even offer the ability to customize your own kit from start to finish.

However, for your average teenage boy and all his stinky needs I’m pretty sure this AXE Extreme Mini Premium Kit will get them through the day. Or perhaps you would rather keep it simple and grab a universal Unisex Hygiene Kit that will take the stink out of anyone anytime. This really is top notch convenience for both you and your kid as you get ready to head back to school. You pack the lunch. You pack the books. You might even pack the Trapper Keeper if those are still a thing these days. Don’t forget to pack the travel hygiene kit and your kid will be ready to tackle whatever the school year brings. Cafeteria food fight and all!

A Kit Company that Cares

Finally, you might be pleased to know that Convenience Kits International is doing more than keeping your kid fresh and clean this school year. The truth is that these kits have been keeping youth and families in some of the most impoverished and disaster stricken regions healthy. These kits, both due to their practicality and affordability, have been deployed to disaster regions throughout the world. They have been used in homeless outreach so that those struggling to get by can maintain dignity and self-respect.

If you serve or live in an underserved or impoverished school district this year, don’t overlook the compassion involved with sending a few of these kits home with each student. Purchasing these kits for students in these areas can serve as a blessing in more ways than one this school year. It might strike at a kids self worth to be personally handed a hygiene kit, but when the entire class gets one the kid that needs it most can quietly celebrate. Consider an act of service this year as you head back to school and gift the gift of hygiene and self-worth to those who need it most.