Travel Hygiene Kit

Whether you are off on a short city break or on more adventurous travels staying fresh and clean is essential. Anyone that has done any international, or even short haul, travel will be familiar with the discomfort associated with travel. And I’m not just talking about cramped airline seats, tiny airline toilets, bad food and crowded airports. Traveling; airport layovers, transfers, waiting in line and everything that goes with it is sweaty and frustrating and after a full day, or days if you are traveling a long way, of negotiating airports, trains and baggage claims you will certainly not be your freshest.

It goes without saying that staying sweaty for too long is uncomfortable not to mention unhygienic but there is no surer way to kill off a holiday romance before it has even began than by being smelly and unkempt.

In a world full of ever tightening restrictions on what you can and can’t carry in your hold luggage those of us trying to reduce the stress of air travel might consider leaving out a wash kit altogether and just picking up what we need when we arrive. This a pain when it comes to wash kits as most of what you will be packing  will be liquids, sure you will have a toothbrush and comb but everything else will be liquid so you need to bear that in mind as you are packing. Restrictions on what can be taken aboard an aircraft in your carry-on luggage vary very slightly from country to country but generally, to recap what you all already know about liquids in hand luggage;

Individual liquid containers must not be larger than 100 millilitres and be presented at security in a resalable clear plastic bag of no more than a litre in capacity. For the purpose of airline security liquids includes gels, pastes and aerosols such as deodorants, shower gel and toothpaste

Because of the frustrations and long waits at airport security it is tempting to leave out wash stuff and pick it up at your destination. The danger of this though is having your pocket picked as you try and get tooth paste and deodorant at extortionate prices from an airport convenience store or indeed not being able to get any at all.

Gone are the days of all hotels providing shampoo, soap and other essentials, just as you probably spend a lot of time looking for the cheapest flight and accommodation for your trip so do those places spend a lot of time looking for ways to reduce their costs and for a lot of the budget accommodation options that means no soap, no shampoo, maybe not even towels! So it could really be worth your while to give some thought to your wash kit before heading out on your trip. Alternatively you could let someone else do the thinking for you and pick up a well thought out kit available from Convenience Kits International.

Consider the AXE Extreme Mini premium kit for your short breaks, it contains everything you need for a few days away, in quantities that will satisfy the TSA’s requirements for hand luggage. Not having to rely on hold luggage is really useful on short breaks, the inconvenience of having to wait in line to check luggage in, meet weight limits and wait around for luggage on the carousel can be really frustrating. So having a wash kit that meets all the requirements, in terms of total items as well as volume of individual containers is a real bonus.

This pint sized hygiene kit is ideal for adventurous getaway’s as well where you don’t want to be weighed down by unnecessary items. The whole kit just weighs a couple of pounds and would fit neatly into a back pack for a trip into the mountains or forest. It contains AXE hair and body wash, AXE deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb (so you can look your best for those airline hostesses) and perhaps most importantly ‘Dude wipes’. These individually packaged moist wash cloths are perhaps the most useful item in the kit as they are ideal for a quick wash and freshen up when you might not have time or opportunity for a proper wash or shower. Long layovers for example of before you are met by friends or family at the airport for example, you don’t need anything more than a sink or cubicle in an airport bathroom to use them and you can chuck them in the trash as soon as you done so you don’t have to carry around a damp wash cloth with you for days.

So give the AXE mini extreme premium kit a try on your next trip.