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Is Flashpacking the Future of Backpacking?

Is backpacking best left to the young, free and undiscerning? Many see it simply as a chance for eighteen-year-olds to put off real life for a while, getting drunk in ramshackle beach bars and sleeping in palm-frond huts.

But what happens when those undiscerning backpackers grow up without losing their yearning for real travel? They hit the road again as flashpackers.

How to feel your best before, during and after a long-haul flight

All the things you need to do to arrive at your destination feeling fresh and energized.

Let’s face it, long-haul flights can be draining. Between dragging your suitcase in and out of taxis, lining up at the check-in counter, eating average airport and airplane food and being crammed into a small space with hundreds of strangers, it’s hard to feel glamorous while flying. Sure, first class and business travel may be more glamourous with additional leg room, a better food and drink menu, and an amenities kit but the same problem usually remains — it’s hard to arrive at a destination feeling refreshed when you’ve been on a long-haul flight. The steps below will help you feel your best before, during and after a long-haul flight so you’re ready for big travel adventures when you arrive at your destination!

Mom on the Go - The Secret to Being Prepared

As I’m writing this, my family and I are heading high into the Appalachian mountains to a rental cabin where we've been going for 3 years in a row. My toddler and preschooler are begging for snacks, our dog, Gracie, has finally laid down in the back, my husband gravely stares at the 18-wheelers all around us slamming on their brakes, and our cartop carrier flaps in the wind. Did I bring shampoo, baby shampoo, hair detangler, deodorant, a comb or brush?

Vacation Rental Relief: A Toiletry Bag Makes an Impression and Eases Your Mind

After a friend of mine's Airbnb's guests leave, she can’t help but check how they rate their stay, and especially how they rate her as the hostess. Who can blame her? There is an actual release of oxytocin when someone gives you a "thumbs ups" on Facebook or fills a heart red on Instagram - it’s addictive!

Toiletry bags, a perfect gift!

A few years ago, my friend had a fairly major surgery. This wasn’t an emergency situation so she was able to make a plan in advance for everything in her life around the surgery. She scheduled the time off of work, lined up friends to watch the pets, arranged for family to come to stay with and take care of her children, and even made and froze several weeks of make-ahead meals. She picked out the clothes she’d wear to the hospital and, on the way home from work one day, bought some fun socks to wear during her stay to cheer her up and keep her perpetually cold feet warm and comfy while she’d be in the hospital. She remembered her phone and tablet chargers. Her husband took time off of work to be with her during the surgery and for some of the recovery time afterward.

Hygiene kits for Rehabilitation Centers and Hospice Care

Sometimes the unexpected happens to families and leaves them unprepared for basic daily routines, like personal hygiene. Scary and life changing situations, like vehicle or work accidents or quick onsets of health problems, can occur suddenly. Occasionally this requires time in a rehabilitation center, or worse yet, hospice care. Many times, when these events happen, patients and their families don’t have time to stop and think about grabbing their toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, comb, deodorant, or other personal hygiene items. Family members are rushing to see their loved ones and are more worried about them and the situation at hand than about these mundane things. One way that rehabilitation facilities and hospice care can help is to provide patients and their loved ones with their own personal hygiene kits.

Travel Agencies Build Rapport and Returning Clients with a Custom Gift

As a travel agent, you invest your time and energy to be sure that your client’s vacation or business travel is hassle free, for the best rates possible, while protecting the interests and desires of your client. Even with all of the services you provide, one of the largest challenges in the industry is client retention and loyalty. Of course it goes without saying that further increasing the number of returning clients will provide a direct benefit to any agent’s or company’s bottom line. So how does one do that?

How to REALLY be prepared for college

Ah, freshman year. Independence...Freedom...Responsibility (that last one might take a little practice.) As always, it’s easiest to begin with the little things - and at the beginning. That part of the process where forethought, planning and preparation, we later learn, turn out to be decisive. We begin by shopping for schools. We compiled a list that makes sense (reach, realistic and safety schools). Before we knew it, time and applications and AP exams had passed; Jake had gotten into a school that he loved and that we were pretty sure we could afford (and that wasn’t too far from home). All of a sudden, we were at the beginning of that dreaded final step: packing.

The best marketing and branding decision you’re about to make

Back when I was still putting down my roots in my international travel company, I focused on the core first: making connections with clients and gaining new ones at every opportunity. I knew that I needed to advertise and in an effective way that would yield the results I was looking for. Then I discovered Convenience Kits International. They were (and are!) a perfect fit for my business needs. Their pre-assembled travel kits created opportunities for growth at every turn, and adding our logo to the kits was one of the smartest moves I ever made. 

A Hiker’s Dream Dopp Kit

Getting my toiletries ready for this year’s annual hiking trip was a breeze. I knew we were going to be at it for a couple of days, and it couldn’t have been simpler to set up my kit because everything I needed was right there for me to choose from. I picked a durable mesh bag so I could quickly locate my gear without missing a step, confidant it would all stay together. It worked like a charm.

Give the Gift of Personal Hygiene to Those in Need

Personal hygiene is a critical part of self confidence. Studies show that there is a strong correlation between personal hygiene and self-esteem, and it is one of the basic skills that are taught to small children as an essential part of participation in day-to-day society. There have been links between poor personal hygiene and depression, good personal hygiene and success, and personal hygiene habits and health concerns.

However, easy personal hygiene is not an option always available to everyone. For the homeless and indigent, the facilities may not be available to maintain good personal cleanliness, and they may be lacking the basic products, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, shaving cream and razors, combs, and more. From church food pantries to homeless shelters to organizations providing street outreach to programs for disabled veterans, all of these organizations and institutions can benefit from readily available and conveniently packaged personal care supplies.

How to Create a Great Business or Family Special Event

A successful event requires careful and thoughtful planning and preparation, if it’s to go off without a hitch. This applies regardless of whether the event in question is for business or for pleasure. Here are some tips for making a business or family event truly special:

1. Define Your Event:

Every event, be it to highlight a business success, launch a product, or celebrate a family occasion, has a purpose. Are you trying to bring attention to a product with media coverage?  Or galvanize a business team with a reward well-earned? 

Renew Yourself in the New Year with Quick Family Winter Getaways

Now that the holidays are behind us, and we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, it’s time to refresh and renew and maybe just relax a little. Winter season is the perfect time to plan a weekend getaway or three-day holiday to rest your body and soul. 

Making Holiday Travel and Giving Easier with Convenience Kits

Just the phrase “holiday travel” is enough to summon visions of long airport lines, overstuffed suitcases, unhappy children, bad weather, and assorted other visions of chaos. But you can make your life a whole lot easier if you consider purchasing pre-packed travel kits from Convenience Kits International. Here are a few products and a few ways to make your holidays a little less hectic, a lot cheerier, and maybe even give back a little bit:

Top Tips for Travelling with Kids

Travel with kids is one of the highlights of their life and yours. Memories will be made that will last a lifetime. If that’s not too much pressure to make sure a vacation with your children goes well, what is?

The reality is that travelling with children is an exercise in logistics that could stymie even the most competent and organized of parents. And at the end of the day, it’s organization that will save you. Because our company specializes in convenience, we know all about how to put together great TSA-complianttravel kits for kids and adults, and we have more than a few thoughts on what makes for stress-free travel with children.