Vacation Rental Relief: A Toiletry Bag Makes an Impression and Eases Your Mind

After a friend of mine's Airbnb's guests leave, she can’t help but check how they rate their stay, and especially how they rate her as the hostess. Who can blame her? There is an actual release of oxytocin when someone gives you a "thumbs ups" on Facebook or fills a heart red on Instagram - it’s addictive!

Of course every good host wants their guests to be delighted by their stay, and that level of delight can translate into dollars! The Airbnb rating affects the nightly rate. In the online marketplace of room rentals, favorable reviews are a valuable currency, leading to repeat business, and higher rental rates paid. Travelers are willing to pay more for the ease and assurance that they will not only be accommodated, but treated to a luxurious visit. The best reviewed properties are the most sought after, command premium rates and fill quickly!

One way to demonstrate your thoughtfulness and care is by providing pre-assembled or a la carte selected kits.  We all appreciate a personal touch, and these kits look as if you hand-picked each item for your guests, selecting which products to include in each bag. Your guests will be impressed by your considerately supplied travel kit, a memorable, hospitable detail likely to be included in the comments they leave for other travelers voraciously scanning the internet for the perfect rental.

Should you want to buy them in bulk and leave one for each visitor, it will definitely be a timesaver, as you won’t have to continually buy more products, make sure dispensers are filled, etc. Economy soap dispensers are equitable; I will not argue with that, but (and it's a big BUT) there’s a reason a guest didn't choose Motel 6. Airbnb or VRBO patrons are looking for a home-away-from-home experience, personal touches, luxury and comfort; not half-empty bottles of Suave! They can get that at home and are looking for something different during their stay.

Consider also the travelers who may be only staying one night. They certainly don’t want to have to unpack all of their luggage, item by item, especially since trying to fit everything into an overnight bag often means they had to sit on it to close it in the first place! A fully-stockedtoiletry bag is the perfect time-saver - no need to unzip and re-zip, all while remembering to put  everything back “just so”, so their luggage will still close. Providing these kits is an equitable, efficient, guest-pleasing decision - a no-brainer! Then again, if your guests have flown in, no problem - these compact and lightweight kits are easy to pack in a carry on or checked piece of luggage. Better still, they are all stocked with TSA-compliant amenities.

Travel agents and vacation rental owners thrive on ratings and word of mouth, so why not provide guests/customers with a complimentary convenience kit to set yourself apart from the competition? Check out all the selections available: from Man on the Go LuxuryKits to Woman on the Go kits, there are options for everyone, even the little ones with a 10 piece Johnson& Johnson Kids and Baby's Kit. You can customize each bag, handpicking which items to include for all of your renters this summer and coming fall, all without having to make a trip to the store or communicating with your cleaning service about the status of the products left. Add a decal with your house name or address to personalize it further, and guests will not only remember their stay, but your specific property and how to recommend it to their friends.

Click here to tailor your kit and have these toiletry bags on-hand for each guest who walks through your door. They won't forget your extra touch of hospitality, and your online rental ratings will show it!