The best marketing and branding decision you’re about to make

Back when I was still putting down my roots in my international travel company, I focused on the core first: making connections with clients and gaining new ones at every opportunity. I knew that I needed to advertise and in an effective way that would yield the results I was looking for. Then I discovered Convenience Kits International. They were (and are!) a perfect fit for my business needs. Their pre-assembled travel kits created opportunities for growth at every turn, and adding our logo to the kits was one of the smartest moves I ever made. By putting our logo smack dab in the middle of the kits it created a strong first and, even more importantly, lasting impression. Cards get lost, but travel kits get kept because they are useful and extendable. Whenever I had special clients and wanted a personal touch, I would reach for our personalized kits, knowing that each time something came out of the kit, our logo would be clearly visible.

Of course everyone who travels needs to adhere to TSA requirements, but there are no worries with CKI’s premium travel kits. The bags, shampoos, conditioners, body wash... all are ready to go and all are TSA compliant. These pre-assembled kits have all the basics covered and with premium assortments from respected brands (Axe, Pantene, etc.) ready to fill the needs of my clients. Pre-assembled kits can be life savers, covering specialized groups like infants or geared towards boys or girls. It is pretty darn convenient to have that flexibility on hand. I started giving them out to all my clients - sometimes even an extra one here and there to spread the word further. The return I earned from this approach was spectacular. Unlike business cards, these kits leave a lasting impression. A card or a billboard sign can be easily swept away by the hustle and bustle of a busy life. These kits actually accompany and facilitate that same busy life and will be there when needed, reminding people of my company. Even if it's just a small nudge: "hey, that logo on the dopp kit…maybe give them a call.” I even received thank you notes from clients, happy that the kits were so well stocked with such familiar and trusted names like Colgate, Scope, and TRESemmé and others.

Having the ability to spread our own brand identity over an increasingly large audience while tied to such excellent products and intelligent and practical kits has been crucial to my success. As my business flourished, I hired more employees and made deals with other businesses to provide a wealth of services to our clients. Our horizons have broadened, and we still make sure to continue to give every customer a fully loaded CKI kit, complete with our logo and website prominently displayed.