How to feel your best before, during and after a long-haul flight

All the things you need to do to arrive at your destination feeling fresh and energized.

Let’s face it, long-haul flights can be draining. Between dragging your suitcase in and out of taxis, lining up at the check-in counter, eating average airport and airplane food and being crammed into a small space with hundreds of strangers, it’s hard to feel glamorous while flying. Sure, first class and business travel may be more glamourous with additional leg room, a better food and drink menu, and an amenities kit but the same problem usually remains — it’s hard to arrive at a destination feeling refreshed when you’ve been on a long-haul flight. The steps below will help you feel your best before, during and after a long-haul flight so you’re ready for big travel adventures when you arrive at your destination!

Get and stay hydrated

One of the main reasons people feel lethargic and unwell when flying is dehydration. Make sure you drink plenty of water before you leave home for the airport, at the airport before your flight and throughout your flight. You can also check if you can take liquids purchased after security on your flight (many long-haul routes allow this), so you have plenty of fresh bottled water to consume throughout your flight.

Keep alcohol to a minimum

Sure, many people like to enjoy a drink or two at take-off or with their meal but consuming too much alcohol on your flight will leave you feeling unwell and dehydrated. Just like the step above, staying hydrated and minimising your alcohol intake while flying will help immensely in keeping you feeling refreshed and energized.

Pack a travel kit to stay refreshed

This tip is not just for models and those riding at the front of the plane, packing a travel kit of TSA approved health and beauty products, that you can pack in your carry-on luggage, will help you feel clean and fresh after you’ve said goodbye to your suitcase at the check-in counter. A few essentials for your travel beauty bag include face wipes, shampoo, conditioner and body wash (in case there’s an opportunity for a shower while you’re on a layover), deodorant, lip balm, moisturiser, hand sanitizer, breath mints, a hairbrush, face and body wipes, tissues, q-tips, mouthwash, a toothbrush and toothpaste.  

Get into a pre-flight beauty routine

Sometimes after arriving at the airport, waiting in lines at check-in and security, and waiting for your flight, you feel like you need a shower before you’ve even boarded the plane. Get into a pre-flight beauty routine to make yourself feel clean and fresh before take-off. Pack a clean set of comfortable underwear and clothing to change into just before you board the plane and use the contents of your airplane beauty bag to clean your skin, moisturise and feel fresh before the flight.

Stay fresh during your flight

Just as you would at home, freshen up on your long-haul flight before and after you anticipate taking a long sleep. Not only will this help you feel fresher throughout the flight and on your arrival, but your mind and body will be used to this routine from back home, making you feel more ready for rest. Using something like your face and body wipes and moisturizer at your seat will allow you to feel clean and fresh without having to line up and endure those plane bathrooms!

Get energized after your flight

Once you step off the plane in your destination, make water a priority! Grab a bottle, or two, of water to consume while you wait for your bags and transport to your accommodation. While it can be tempting to drop your bags and explore immediately once you check-in to your accommodation, take the time to enjoy a refreshing shower with the full-sized versions of the products in your travel beauty kit and change into a clean set of clothes. This will help you feel fresh and more awake especially if you’ve moved through a few time zones and need to stay awake for the day to adjust to your new time zone.

While it can be hard to feel energized when you arrive at your destination, after being crammed in an airplane for many hours, following the steps above will help you feel your best before, during and after a long-haul flight. And just remember, if you arrive feeling less than your best, the adventure and possibility that travel always brings makes a long-haul flight worth it every time.