The 9 Most Often Forgotten Items to Pack

Vacations are wonderful! Packing for vacation? Decidedly less so. It takes time and it takes some concentration. Choosing what to bring, trying to prepare for all contingencies, and getting it all to fit into the ever shrinking luggage size requirements of modern air travel is no easy feat. A business trip may come up last-minute, leaving little time to arrange a great traveling bag. When you travel, whether for work or vacation, packing is always something you want to take a little extra time double checking.

Why does it seem like there is at least one vital thing you forget to pack each time. What a shame that it is almost always remembered right when you have reached a point of no turning back. The image is clear in your mind—you can see the item exactly where you placed it in your bedroom, right on your nightstand.

Commonly Forgotten Items

This list contains important items that can easily be forgotten. It can help you prepare for your journey and prevent you from being forced to overpay when buying something on the road, or winding up with needless duplicates when you return home.

Lip Balm

No matter where you’re headed, the potential for dry lips is almost guaranteed. Ranging from mild discomfort to downright painful, chapped lips are easy to avoid, if you’ve remembered to pack some lip balm. But since lip balm is small, it is both easy to lose and  easily used up, so consider packing more than one.

Phone Charger

There is a reason there are phone chargers in every gas station and convenience mart. Many of us couldn’t make it through an hour, much less a day, without our phones. This item would need to be replaced almost immediately if forgotten.


Everyone has their favorite brand of shampoo, and that’s why if you forget yours the process of finding and buying it on the fly can be a bit of an ordeal. And finding your brand in a TSA compliant size at a moment’s notice? Even more so.

Luckily, there are companies that specialize in creating well stocked travel kits, ensuring you have everything you need. The leader in this field is Convenience Kits International, which has been making packing hassle-free since 1985. They have a multitude of kits to choose from, filled with the most popular nationally recognized shampoo brands, such as Garnier Fructis, Tresemme, and Herbal Essences. And did we mention the ridiculously cute bag designs?


Although sometimes overlooked, sunscreen is one of the easiest and least expensive health protecting products available. As added benefits, it keeps your skin moisturized and provides a light, pleasing fragrance (of course, if you have sensitive skin or simply prefer unscented products, that’s also available). Be sure to add some to your kit of travel essentials.

Hairbrush/ Comb

Vacations can often include a day of adventurous activities that leave your hair tangled and wild, followed by that night’s elegant dinner. You never want to return to your room only to find you have no way to keep your hair manageable. This goes double for business trips.


Have you ever noticed that growing out an unflattering haircut can seemingly take forever, but razor stubble takes about 15 minutes to show up? The longer your trip, the more likely you’ll need to shave. Pack a good razor.


It goes without saying that if you’ve forgotten your toothpaste you have also, most likely, forgotten your toothbrush. And even if you remembered to bring a tube of toothpaste, it is entirely possible to run out because of the size TSA demands on flights.

This is another time a travel kit can come in handy. With Convenience Kits International you can create a custom combination with whichever specific products you need for your expedition. Custom kits start at a ten piece set that leave the amount of items and brand choices up to you. Get more of the products you use the most!

Bags can even be customized by adding a logo or monogram. This gives the perfect business professional touch or commemorates special occasions like a weekend away with your bridesmaids.


In a hotel, of course, a mirror is a given. But if someone else is in the bathroom and you’ve only got a little time to get ready, a compact mirror may be just what you need. And in situations like camping, a mirror is going to be much harder to come by.


This may be one of the most important items you could forget to pack. If you like to pack the night before to make sure you’re all set, something like this that is left out for morning use is easy to overlook.

Pack Smart

TSA Regulations

Many of these items are left almost on purpose because of the hassle of making your own or finding travel sized, TSA compliant toiletries. When you fly and have to follow specific guidelines, it may cause even more unneeded stress.

Even if you purchase toiletries at your destination, if you are flying again they need to be selected carefully and there’s a good chance you will just end up tossing them.

Reusable Containers

Using reusable containers is not only environmentally green, but also easy on your wallet. Just refill these containers from the products you already have in your bathroom.

Grooming Kits

When purchasing a full kit, it will be a lot easier to bring one bag than gathering all of your items. Kits include basics items like shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream, toothpaste, toothbrush, disposable razor and comb.

This takes most of the thinking out of packing necessities. And for those who are not known as the most organized packers, something simple with all the essentials in one place is perfect.

Convenience Kits International specializes in a bag for men. Each kit offers high quality items inside and name brands including Crest, Gillette, and Axe products.

Have a Carefree Trip

Most of the items on this list have one thing in common…

They are toiletries! It is very common to bypass this entire category of packing and be left forced to purchase alternatives. This takes up valuable vacation time and can become pricey due to airport and hotel stores taking advantage of your forgetfulness.

Whether you package your own supplies or decide to take the hassle-free route and purchase a travel bag, one thing is for sure, you won’t be leaving necessary items at home again!