The Common Sense Genius of Hygiene Travel Kits

To say that travelling can be a stressful experience would be an understatement. To say that travelling through a modern airport is like swimming in the ocean, or better yet, the Dead Sea, after repeatedly nicking yourself shaving would be putting it lightly. Let’s face it, anything and everything that makes this experience a little easier is worth its weight in gold. Throw in a couple of screaming kids and an overly touchy feely TSA agent and you might  literally pay gold for anything that can bring relief. Thankfully, a king’s ransom is unnecessary. For just a few bucks you can pick up the most common sense item that every traveller needs. In fact, it makes so much sense it might actually be genius. The hygiene travel kit is the most obvious thing you’ve never thought of before, but once you do you’ll never go back.

Keep it Simple

The process of packing for a trip is fraught with the “did I forget something” stress we all know too well. It could be a cell phone charger, passport or even favorite book. Most travel destinations bank on the fact that you will indeed forget something. That’s why the gift shop or convenience store in the hotel or resort lobby sells mini travel-sized deodorant for $5 bucks a pop. But for the savvy traveller, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of adding toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc., to your packing list, just add travel kit. Here’s a perfect example, with everything you need in a TSA compliant clear travel bag.

Anyone who can afford a plane ticket can afford a few bucks to simplify their travel experience. These kits are so popular with frequent travelers, they are even sold by the case. Whether you travel for work or pleasure, if are on a first name basis with the local TSA staff at the airport (or feel as if you could be), you’ll love being able to just grab a fresh kit when you’re ready to travel. And since these kits are so inexpensive, you don’t even have to pack it back up when you’re heading home if you don’t want to.

Customize It and Still Keep it Simple

Another great thing about these convenience kits is that you can even customize them if you wish. You don’t have to take whatever standard issue hygiene products come in a particular kit. You can choose between a variety of products and have the bag already packed exactly to your liking. If you are up for a little fun, you can go buildyour own custom kit now. Of course, if quicker and easier is more your speed, you can also grab a pre-assembled men’s or women’s kit, packed with premium products.

Lastly, we feel it is important to note when companies pursue capitalism with a cause. When organizations are able to innovate for the social good, amazing things can happen. Convenience Kits International has made the hygiene acquisition process amazingly easy for non-profits or organizations with a tight budget. These Not for Profit/Budget Travel Kits simplify the process of disaster relief or human social outreach. Whether you are a large organization seeking to make an impact on a massive scale or just a kind hearted person who likes to keep these kits in your trunk, you have the ability to transform a life by bringing it a little joy. Each of us deserves to know a little joy in each day and, for less than the cost of a typical add-on or impulse purchase, you just might be able to be the deliverer of that joy.

Who knew? For a few bucks you can have the most simple solution to travel woes and make a social impact at the same time. As is often the case, this uncommon bit of common sense is so brilliant it just might be genius. Travel will never be the same when you jump on board with a convenience travel kit.