6 Ways to Get the Most out of Solo Travel: From Travel Kits to a Sense of Curiosity

Are you planning a solo trip to help you experience the wonder of the world, while also discovering a more authentic version of you? Then you’ve got a lot to think about and even more to be excited about! But, it’s important to consider the practical aspects, as well as the spirit of solo travel. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you get in the right mindset for an amazing trip that will also save you a few hassles along the way.

Here are six ways to make sure your solo trip is one to remember:

1. Pack a travel kit

Away from home doesn’t have to mean away from basic necessities, and hygiene is always a must! When you’re traveling solo, packing light will make your trip that much easier and more enjoyable. Why add needless bulk and weight to your baggage with oversized bottles? Why risk a rogue tube of toothpaste squeezing open and making itself at home among the contents of your backpack? Make every ounce count by packing a travel kit, preferably one pre-stocked with TSA compliant sizes to cover all of your cleanliness needs. Breeze through security and customs and get on with the adventure!

Convenience Kits International’s conveniently designed travel kits feature TSA compliant sizes and their own sealable case to keep everything together. They’re easier to pack and faster to access and use when you need them. Check out the range of men’s travel kits, with handy shaving accessories, and also our top women’s pick: the premium travel kit for women with a reusable clutch. It’s a perfect addition for your purse collection when you get back home – what a bonus!

2. Have a plan in mind

We suggest doing some research before you go so you have a good starting point for some things you would like to do or places you’d like to see once you arrive. You don’t want to be wasting too much time trying to figure out how you want to fill it. It can help to ease any initial anxiety you’re feeling about travelling alone by planning a one-day tour to get acquainted with a new area.  The best way is to get out there and start. You never know what one activity or meeting one new person will lead to. Remember, it’s your time to be selfish and see absolutely everything you want to see!

3. Embrace flexibility

And that brings us to our next point – embracing the opportunity to be flexible. It’s good to have a plan but if opportunity to try something different arises, a concert you would love to see is scheduled in the town you are in but planned to leave to get to your next destination stop, then by all means, stay and experience it! There’s no one to please but yourself, don’t remain stuck in the regular patterns of your daily life.

4. Go with an open mind

Expectations can be limiting on your adventures. They can either cause you to reject what you find because it isn’t what you expected, or you may become disappointed by what you do try because you feel it ‘falls short’. Don’t limit your experiences by what you believe they should look like. Instead, be open to new places, trying different foods, approaching people more than you usually would, and absorbing the beauty of other cultures.

If there was ever a time in life to be curious – we’re telling you, it’s now! Talk to as many locals as you can. As long as you’re being safe, feel free to flout the rule of ‘never talking to strangers’. They will help you uncover sights and experiences that you may not have heard of if you’d stuck to the regular tourist route. Locals can also help you learn new phrases so that you can also experience a different language.

5. Pack a good book

Or pack a Kindle sometimes you might need a little downtime. A book also makes for great company when you eat a meal by yourself. And you never know – it could be a conversation starter in itself!

6. Embrace the adventure

Consider this: an emotionally-safe trip will see you back home relaxed and content. On the other hand, a journey where you have the opportunity to confront a fear  or even better, conquer it, will make sure you arrive home energized  and proud. If you take nothing else away from this article, remember this: when you get on that first flight or train away from home, leave the word ‘can’t’ behind.

So, grab your travel kit, pack light but well and get ready to embrace one of the most empowering experiences of your life. Happy travels!