Road Warrior Habits: Good Health Practices for the Business Traveler

Personal health and self care can be particularly precarious on the road, especially for business travelers. The fast-paced life of running to catch planes, make meetings, and grab a meal can put you on overload. Here are some ways to keep mind and body together while travelling for business.

  1. Pack Wisely: Few things are more disconcerting than not having the right items at hand, or worse, losing your personal care items at the security gate for not being TSA-compliant. Make your list and check it twice. Be sure to pack all necessary prescriptions, including a spare pair of glasses, if needed. Also, having a travel kit that you can carry on will go a long way toward keeping your sanity and health if your luggage is lost.
  2. All Washed Up: Make a habit of visiting the restroom to wash your hands regularly, particularly before meals and when relieving yourself. Consistent hand-washing is one of the best ways to ward off germs and infections, especially on airplanes.
  3. Stay Hydrated: It’s all too easy to become dehydrated during travel, either from simply forgetting to drink enough water or being in dry-air environments, such as airplanes. Be sure to carry a water bottle with you. Drink up at security and replenish when you get to your gate, before you board. Avoid too much caffeine, as that will dehydrate your further. Hydration is a great infection and sleep deprivation fighter.
  4. Pack Healthy Snacks: Always bring something healthy to nibble on, to forestall impulse-eating and hunger pangs during travel delays. Choose snacks that are compatible with your regular diet, but are also easy to carry on. You will want to have these go-snacks at your fingertips, so that you can reach for them rather than unhealthy choices.
  5. Practice Good Grooming: Good health is as much a practice of the mind as the body. If you look good, chances are you will feel even better. The ConvenienceKits TSA-compliant Unisex GetAway Kit includes everything you need to stay well-groomed during airplane travel, including toothbrush and toothpaste, razor and shaving cream, comb, and more.
  6. Stick to Your Routine: Of course it may not always happen, but it definitely won’t if you don’t make the effort to stick to your home routine. As much as possible, try to follow the hours and mealtimes that you do at home. If you are dealing with a time change, try to adjust to that time zone asap. Eating the same foods that you would eat at home, taking your vitamins, and getting the same amount of sleep will all help.
  7. Work it Out: Exercise will stimulate both your immune system and your brain, while decreasing stress, so always try to fit in a workout or two during your time away. It will not only benefit your body, it will clear your head so that you can be alert for meetings and events. Many accommodations include a gym and pool, but if yours doesn’t, all is not lost.  Just  throw on your athletic shoes and go for a brisk walk, or do some stretching and calisthenics in your room (athletic bands are a great prop for in-room workouts).
  8. Breathe Deep: Business travel, by its very nature, often leaves little time to yourself to catch your breath. But there are stealthy ways to sneak in a little mindfulness and meditation to calm your sweaty palms and racing mind. Everyone closes their eyes at takeoff. Just close yours too, and focus on your breath, slowing it down and deepening it. After about 10 breaths you will find that you really are calmer. With a little resourcefulness, you can discover many places to practice breathing and get a little more oxygen flowing–while your dinner companion is in the restroom, while you wait for an appointment, and more.

These are just a few ways to build health-promoting habits on the road. For great pre-packed travel kits that you can carry on, check out Convenience Kits International personal care bags.