Top Tips for Travelling with Kids

Travel with kids is one of the highlights of their life and yours. Memories will be made that will last a lifetime. If that’s not too much pressure to make sure a vacation with your children goes well, what is?

The reality is that travelling with children is an exercise in logistics that could stymie even the most competent and organized of parents. And at the end of the day, it’s organization that will save you. Because our company specializes in convenience, we know all about how to put together great TSA-complianttravel kits for kids and adults, and we have more than a few thoughts on what makes for stress-free travel with children. Here are our most favorite tips:

1. Divide tasks and conquer

Everyone knows the classic uh-oh when you look at each other and say, “I thought you did that.” For every trip, have a kickoff meeting and assign each parent specific responsibilities, such as confirming the seats, packing the children’s suitcases, making sure you have copies of travel documents and prescriptions, making the hotel reservations, etc. The list might seem endless, but if you sit down and assign each task, there’ll be no question of who is doing what, and chances are good that there will be far fewer uh-ohs.

2. Bring along games

You can never have too many games, apps, or activities. But the truth is that devices run out of power, and you are going to need a brick-and-mortar backup. Convenience Kits International has TSA-compliant travel kits for boy and girls. The boys kit includes basic toiletries and great games like a wooden baseball peg game and colored Jenga blocks. The girls kit includes a tic-tac-toe peg game, 25 cool stickers, basic toiletries, and more. There’s enough fun and games to keep them occupied even when your smart phone is dead.

3. Don’t forget the medicines

If any of your children have to take special medications, don’t just take what you have on hand. Get a backup bottle and a prescription for more. You never know when you could be stranded, or how long the delay could take. If it’s weather-related, you could be stuck for days and better to know that you have what you need, rather than adding another worry to your list.

4. Get a kid locator

Admit it, you’ve thought about getting that leash, but just can’t take the judgmental glances of the people around you. Well, now there’s a virtual leash that acts as a GPS locator with an alarm that you attach to your child’s coat or backpack. Airport crowds are crazy, and rather than dealing with the frantic panic of finding a lost child, just press the alarm and follow the sound. Major headache just avoided.  

5. Give them a camera

Remember that your children are experiencing much of the travel for the very first time. Give them a kid-friendly camera so that they can record all their new experiences. Not only will it keep them occupied, but they will also have images of their journey to look back on for their whole life. When you return from the trip, print out the pictures and make a project of creating a photo album.

6. Economize your packing

We’ve all seen parents toting strollers, pack-and-plays, bumpers, diaper bags, toilet training seats, and more. It’s a wonder that, with all of the items parents of young children need to travel, they remember to bring the baby or toddler. By planning and packing in advance, you can streamline your needs. Consider tossing the toilet training seat for pull-up diapers for the trip. Call to see what baby accessories, such as a pack-and-play, your hotel has. Remember, the more you are carrying, the less fun you’ll be having.

7. Remember the baby wipes

If there is one item you won’t regret packing, it’s baby wipes. Make sure you have a good supply for the entire journey, because they may not be readily available where you are going. Baby wipes are great for the usual suspects, such as changing diapers and wiping sticky fingers, but they can be great in a crisis, too. No toilet paper in the airport bathroom? No problem. You’ve got your baby wipes.

8. Pack a convenience kit for baby

Babies have a lot of toiletry needs, and the last thing you need to worry about is whether you have the right number of ounces in your baby lotion bottle. Convenience Kits has a completely TSA-compliant, 10-piece Johnson & Johnson baby travel bag that includes the baby lotion, powder, shampoo, a rubber ducky, and more. You will give thanks for this lifesaving kit many times during your journey.   

To see the complete line of  travel kits for children and babies, visitthe Convenience Kits International web site. And happy trails!