Buying Hygiene Kits in Bulk

Why buy hygiene kits and convenience kits in bulk? It’s just one of those great, useful ideas—one with lots of advantages, but that’s often overlooked.

The need for convenient hygiene kits is growing in an increasing number of areas. Cleanliness is important to our good health, yet families fleeing their homes because of disaster, war, or other dislocation often struggle to afford or even find necessary hygiene supplies. Humanitarian aid project planning is increasing across the globe among those among those who serve and assist in disaster situations. Hygiene kits delivered through schools or orphanages encourage healthy habits for children (something they increasingly don’t get at home). As long-distance travel continues to become a bigger and more routine part of our business and personal lifestyles, the need for quick, organized hygiene convenience rises. As people are increasingly aware of the need for preparedness—and the “prepper” culture grows—convenient hygiene kits are a must for inclusion in emergency “go-bags.”

Buying hygiene kits in bulk makes a lot of sense when they can be used:

  • For distribution during disasters.
  • For outreach/relief efforts to those in need.
  • To aid stand downs for veterans.
  • To help the homeless.
  • Schools and other institutions caring for disadvantaged children.
  • To assist travelling employees.
  • As customer giveaways.
  • As promotional gifts.
  • For weddings and other special events.
  • For resale.
  • To stock vending machines.

Convenience and Performance — The demand for and utility of hygiene kits is increasing. Buying hundreds or thousands of kits at a time saves your organization/company time and resources. It makes getting things done more convenient. When highly useful and necessary hygiene kits are on hand at your facilities, your team is ready to go, the kits are ready for distribution on your schedule and as circumstances require, and you don’t have to worry about restocking as often. This means efficiency, flexibility, reliability and predictability—all of which lead to better performance in fulfilling missions, meeting markets’ needs, and getting hygiene kits to those who need them.

Saving Money — The nice thing about buying in bulk is that the per-unit price goes down as the number of units you purchase goes up. The more kits you buy at one time, the less you pay per kit. Over time, these savings can really add up. Buying convenience kits in bulk yields a great bargain, and a great value, even at low minimum orders of just 20 units.

To buy in bulk and secure these bulk-price discounts you don’t have to be a wholesaler or re-seller. You just need to place an order for a certain minimum quantity of personal hygiene kits. Individuals, companies, nonprofits, educational institutions, and governments can all take advantage of these great bulk prices.

Control — When you buy hygiene kits in bulk, you control the process. You decide how many units to buy, you select or define the packaging, and you can customize package labeling—all to perfectly match your program’s purposes and circumstances.

Customization — When you buy in bulk quantities you can have your hygiene kits custom designed for your specific program, custom assembled to your specifications. You can also split orders to ship to several key distribution locations. Custom fulfillment services are available for bulk purchases too. Your bulk purchase can be shipped in phases as you need the kits, with unshipped portions warehoused for you until you need it. Bulk orders can be dropped shipped directly to you or your designated locations, in bulk, or individually.

Easy to Order and Customize — Online

Hygiene convenience kits are available in a number of sizes and shapes to fit the needs of any program. You won’t have a problem or waste any time creating the perfect kit—it’s is easy to customize using our user-friendly online “build-your-kit page.” We’ve made it as simple as it can be with the website tool to pack your kit with globally recognized and value-branded products. Even better, kits and bags can be designed to fit your mission and style, and easily customized/personalized with your company logo. And we’ll get your order details right every time.

These are the reasons it’s smart to buy hygiene kits in bulk.

Now that you know how easy and affordable it is to identify, select, customize and purchase hygiene kits in bulk, we hope you’ll let us help you manage your convenience kits distribution programs—and make others’ lives a little easier, better, or just more convenient.

What’s the problem we solve? Life’s little conveniences all in one place, easy to share with those who need them most—when they need them. That’s affordably and sensibly helping others.

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