Great Looking Bags Bring Back The Art Of Travel

Sure you could go big this summer and book an exotic vacation instead of the same old summer rental or staycation, but let’s face it, in the era of online booking, airbnb and budget deals, it’s easy for many of us to skip the exciting travel rituals that make a getaway special. But rest assured, there is still an art to travel and it doesn’t include taking out a second mortgage to finance your holiday. Ask any stylish jetsetter and they’ll tell you that the right bag is a worthy investment that can elevate your trip – and fashion status – quicker than you can say upgrade. Whether you’re going to the mountains, shore or lakefront for the weekend or planning a longer visit or business trip, choosing a great looking bag means you’ll look effortlessly chic wherever you’re headed and always have the essentials at hand.

If you can fit everything you need for your trip in a single carry-on bag, do it. You’ll save on checked-bag fees, and who doesn’t love the ease of a versatile piece of luggage that’s big enough to hold all your stuff without looking clunky?

To that end, consider styles that are investment pieces and will travel far beyond your next getaway for both everyday and on-the-go use.

The Duffel Bag

This bag is definitely one of the most versatile and casual travel staples available. Designed to be durable and simple, it’s your go-to for maximum carry room. Pick a canvas version if want something laid-back, add polish with a sleek leather or leather-accented style or choose color for an added pop to this utilitarian piece.

The Hold All

The modern hold all usually features a rectangular base, double handles and a more refined leather or cloth exterior making it the perfect carry-on for longer, mid-summer trips. The structure of this style also adds to its storage capacity so it is spacious enough for more than a weekend’s worth of outfits.

Tip: If opting for a fabric bag, look for sturdy, water-resistant twill materials that can stand up to unpredictable summer weather.

The Tote

The tote is another luggage favorite. For many of you, L.L. Bean’s monogrammed canvas style has summertime written all over it. But today’s modern versions are more fashion-forward. They don’t have as much storage, but they are a bold statement and you can easily stash several more totes inside your main carry-on for shopping and day trips as your trip unfolds.

The Backpack

This iconic bag is a favorite of students and European tourists, but sophisticated professionals seeking maximum utility for brief jaunts and grownup play dates are graduating to this style as well. Pack it full of your weekend survival gear then head out to your camping trip, Vegas bachelor party or beachfront bridal shower. The economical price, multi pockets and sturdy nylon fabric and zippers means there’s a place for everything – especially your Convenience Kit.


TSA-Compliant Convenience Kits: For anybody on the go this summer, packing a getaway kit with up to nine personal-care travel essentials is another way to rekindle the art of travel. They offer customizable choices and instant convenience for men, women, families, kids and teens. Plus, they’re a go-to for travel agents, network events organizers, party planners, college campus events and are an ideal gift for hosts and overnight guests. You can repurpose the durable travel bag they’re packaged in by refilling it with your own products for your next trip, or simply ordering refills of your travel favorites. It’s the most streamlined solution to packing self-care products in one handy place. Why not pick up convenient six-packs, and create a lasting impression when you personalize them with your business logo or individual names to create a lasting impression. They also make unique mom-approved party favors for kids’ birthdays and are a welcome addition to yoga studios, gym locker rooms and anyplace you may find yourself this summer. /