Business + Pleasure: Taking Your Family Along for the Ride

Business travel can be stressful, with its long hours, hectic journeys, and back-to-back meetings. In this fast-paced world, it can be hard to imagine that you could fit the family dynamic into a business trip. But there can be a lot of pluses to having your spouse and kids along for the ride. Here’s how to make an enjoyable trip for all:

  1. Look at the Upside:
    There's no denying that taking advantage of hotel nights and reduced airfare is a real benefit for bringing family along. Provided they have a real interest in the destination and want to make the trip, you could have a winning combination. As long as you don't mind kissing them goodbye to go work while they go play, it can be a real cost-savings.
  2. Tack on Some Time
    Many business travelers schedule some time before or after the business portion of the trip to make time for vacationing. It pays to check your company's policy, rather than just assume that as long as you can get time off, it's okay. It's far better than finding out after tickets have been purchased that your organization discourages adding vacation to a business trip. At worst, if there is a policy of no vacation time adjunct to a business trip, you can look forward to joining your family for dinner and nighttime events during the business trip, provided your work schedule doesn't have you tied up.
  3. What If I'm a Single Parent?
    Single parents don't have to assume that the cost benefits of attaching pleasure to travel are not available for them. Many hotels offer concierge services that will assist in providing nannies to keep the kids happily occupied while you are in meetings. Then you can enjoy time with them in the evenings or before / after the business portion.
  4. Bring Your Own Entertainment
    Even the most exciting of schedules is going to have some down time, whether waiting at the airport lounge or chilling in the hotel room. Be sure to bring along items to keep the little ones entertained when you have to focus or your spouse or partner needs a break. While screens are always a way to absorb a child, the trip could also be a chance to lose the screens, and do a little coloring or read a good book.
  5. Do Your Homework
    Before thoughts of all the dollars you are going to save start dancing in your head, take some time to ensure that this is a vacation your children will actually enjoy. Florida and California may be no-brainers with their kid- and family-friendly destinations, but other business travel hubs may not have enough to justify the vacation dollars. By the same token, you will want to make sure that the hotel you book is family-friendly with a pool, play area, and game room.
  6. Enjoy Yourself
    Once you've made a decision that business + pleasure travel is feasible for you, plan on enjoying yourself. Seek out activities that you can look forward to after a day's hard work. Schedule in some side trips before or after the working portion to see some points of interest. Make sure you make the trip as much fun and relaxing for yourself as for everyone else. After all, you've earned it.

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