Give the Gift of Personal Hygiene to Those in Need

Personal hygiene is a critical part of self confidence. Studies show that there is a strong correlation between personal hygiene and self-esteem, and it is one of the basic skills that are taught to small children as an essential part of participation in day-to-day society. There have been links between poor personal hygiene and depression, good personal hygiene and success, and personal hygiene habits and health concerns.

However, easy personal hygiene is not an option always available to everyone. For the homeless and indigent, the facilities may not be available to maintain good personal cleanliness, and they may be lacking the basic products, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, shaving cream and razors, combs, and more. From church food pantries to homeless shelters to organizations providing street outreach to programs for disabled veterans, all of these organizations and institutions can benefit from readily available and conveniently packaged personal care supplies.

For precisely these reasons, Convenience Kits International has created a range of pre-packed budget personal hygiene kits that can be made available to the homeless, poor, and others in need. Convenience Kits is also able to create custom kits filled with basic supplies and logos/literature. The bags are made from clear plastic so that supplies are readily seen and identified, and the kits can be ordered in bulk. Convenience Kits has worked with a wide range of clients, including Disabled American Veterans, The Ronald McDonald House, The American Legion, The Children’s Aid Society, Family Crisis Center, Catholic Charities, AmVets, USO-Fort Riley, and more.

Here are some words from organizations which have benefited from the Convenience Kits budget personal hygiene kits:

“To ease the emotional, social, and physical transitions of their teenage years, CAS-Camera provides much needed resources for the many young people who do not have reliable access to hygiene and personal care products. Thanks to a partnership with Convenience Kits International, CAS-Camera’s youth professionals can provide personal hygiene products as part of our age- and stage-appropriate Family Life and Sexuality curriculum. The hygiene kits and the guidance of our caring professionals enable young people to feel confident about their appearance and embrace a positive view of their future.”  -The Children’s Aid Society Camera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program

“We want you to know just how important the hygiene kits have been to our soldiers. They are always happy to receive your kits and love the fact that kits contain everything needed as well as the extras (playing cards). You would think it is their birthday when we give them out one day prior to leaving for war. At that point, they are getting ready to board a plane, and the kits are just what they need for travel. The kits are also very popular with our wounded soldiers that are here for medical care. Every mobilizing soldier, wounded soldier, and all of those in need receive our kits. Thank you again for thinking of our soldiers! -Department of the Army. Headquarters, Fort Dix

“The Chris Kyle Post #388 of the American Legion wants to thank you for your assistance in producing these kits for the women who have served their country. We will speak to other American Legion Posts and tell them of your assistance in this matter. We will recommend if they also have such a need that you are willing to assist them in making their needs met.” -Chris Kyle Post #388, American Legion

These kits can be of immeasurable value in offering accessible personal hygiene, self-confidence, motivation for self-care, and just letting those in need know that there is someone who cares enough to provide for their basic personal hygiene needs. Consider providing Convenience Kits budget personal hygiene kits as part of your homeless, veteran, and indigent outreach programs. Give the gift of self-esteem, hope, and confidence to someone who really needs it.