Put Custom Convenience Kits to Work for Your Company

While our prepacked travel kits meet most travelers’ needs, you may decide that you prefer to pick and choose items for a custom travel kit. Just select the items and the bag you want, upload your company logo, and you have your own custom kits. Here’s how you can put custom convenience kits to work for your company:

1) Add to your next big event

Any event, whether it’s an international conference or a small, gathering of local businesses, is a place where you want to get noticed. Make your next event a special one by offering custom travel kits to conference and event attendees. With your logo and a TSA-compliant travel kit in their hands, they will be sure to remember that you are a company that stands out from the crowd.

2) Make it your next party favor

For the next big company holiday party, bring the best gifts with customized travel kits that sport your company logo. You will be sure to be the life of the party when everyone gets to take home their own TSA-compliant travel kits. It’s the swag that everyone will want to have.

3) Offer as a customer premium

To encourage sales and reward big customers and loyal clients, think about offering a customized travel kit that also works as a customized advertising vehicle and a reminder that your company knows how to treat customers right. Your best clients will think of you in appreciation when they realize that they have a stocked travel kit that they can carry right on the plane without having to worry about when passing through security.

4) Use as an employee prize

Company contests always get morale up and bring good cheer to the office atmosphere. When you offer attractive and personalized travel kits stuffed with the convenient, personal items of your choice as the prize, your employees will be vying to win. They will be doubly eager to catch the brass ring when they learn that all custom travel kits are prepared to be TSA-compliant to avoid any security line hassles at the airport.

5) Reward top performers

Human resource surveys and studies often show that employees prefer recognition and appreciation to dollars for a job well done. Use customized travel kits to show your top performers that you value their contribution to the bottom line. Hand-selected special items will make it clear to your high achievers that you value their contribution.

6) Make a mark at your next summit

The next time you gather the stars of your company to brainstorm the strategic plan or set the stage for your next evolution, give attendees a free gift that will remind them of the time and recognize them for their contribution. Every time your best employees travel, they will recall with pride that they were hand-selected to help steer the company into the future.

7) Add it to your new employee welcome package

Instead of just giving your new hires an employee handbook and folder of orientation materials, why not add a fun, custom travel kit that welcomes your new employees to the company? Get things off to a great start providing custom travel kits emblazoned with your company logo as part of your next welcome package.

These are just a few of the ways that you can make Convenience Kits International custom travel kits go to work for your company. Whether you are seeking to brand, advertise, reward, or motivate, a specially selected TSA-compliant travel kit will put you in the right light, get you off on the right foot, and spread a little happiness.