Making Holiday Travel and Giving Easier with Convenience Kits

Just the phrase “holiday travel” is enough to summon visions of long airport lines, overstuffed suitcases, unhappy children, bad weather, and assorted other visions of chaos. But you can make your life a whole lot easier if you consider purchasing pre-packed travel kits from Convenience Kits International. Here are a few products and a few ways to make your holidays a little less hectic, a lot cheerier, and maybe even give back a little bit:

Women’s and Men’s TSA-Compliant Kits and Bags

Perhaps one of the most dreaded experiences of holiday travel is the thought of the never-ending security lines, where you can fret about whether you’ve packed the right products in the right bag, if you will actually make your flight, and if the holidays are going to happen at all. But if you are equipped with one of the women’s or men’s TSA-compliant travel kits, you can cross those worries right off your list. These travel kits are filled with up to a dozen national brand personal care items that you can carry with you right through security and onto the plane. The trial sizes are in completely accordance with TSA regulations, so you’ve no more worries of delays and searches while other travellers give you the evil eye. Get one for yourself and one for your partner, and have a few backups on reserve for future travel. Even if, heaven forbid, they lose the luggage with all those carefully wrapped and packed gifts; at least you’ll still be able to take a shower.

Kid’s and Baby’s TSA-Compliant Travel Kits

Adults are not the only people who need to have their basic necessities at hand, rather than stuffed into checked bags that you may never see again. You can also purchase kid’s and baby’s TSA-compliant travel kits and take some of the pressure of packing for holiday travel off yourself. Each kit has up to ten basic travel items, either for children or babies, and are packed in a durable bag. No more wondering if you have the right size liquids or products to whisk you through security lines--these trial sizes are measured in accordance with TSA regulations. Also included are games and toys to keep the little ones occupied while you stand in line. It’s a holiday win-win.

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

When you are making your list and checking it twice, don’t forget that Convenience Kits make the perfect stocking stuffers. Who wouldn’t want to receive a kit that contains all the personal TSA-compliant items needed for stress-free travel. Whether you are buying for your parents, a beloved sister, a favorite uncle, or adorable nieces and nephews, everyone will be delighted to have these pre-packed travel kits. Get one for everyone on your list. Holiday shopping? Done!  

Custom Kit

If you are really serious about giving everyone the gift of stress-free travel, why not order a custom travel kit for all (and be sure to put yourself on that list). You can build your own kits, choosing from a beautiful array of sturdy and stylish bags, and then stocking them with the goodies of your choice. It’s the perfect way to show you really care.

Giving Back with Not For Profit/Budget Travel Kits

In the season of joy, everyone likes to pay it forward a little. If you are involved in any outreach efforts through your church or other community-giving organization, you may want to propose offering the pre-packed not-for-profit/budget travel kits for street outreach efforts, homeless and women’s shelters, food pantries, veterans, and other populations in need. These basic kits have the essential toiletries for men, women, and children all packed in a reusable bag. Nothing increases morale and self-esteem like freshening up, and these kits can spread a little more of the holiday spirit.

These are just a few ways that you can use Convenience Kits to make travel easier, lighten your holiday gift load, and give back to others. We wish your and yours the happiest and safest of holidays and may your travel always be easy.

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