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Letting Children Return to School with Confidence and Good Hygiene

For many children, the back-to-school shopping craze is an opportunity to purchase fresh clothes, sport new haircuts and if you are lucky enough, a new pair of sneakers. The body is the armature of the self and when children feel confident through personal appearance it often translates to other aspects of life. Meanwhile, a great number of children from sea to shining sea return to school with no such feeling. For families living in impoverished communities, even the basic necessities of hygiene are often overlooked. The result is a child ashamed to go to school and growing up far from confident. Fortunately, teachers and administrators around the nation have taken notice and are taking action. Charities and schools are giving the gift of confidence through the power of prepackaged hygiene kits to children in need. A simple and affordable act of compassion that pays off in a big way in the lives of children.