Personal Hygiene as a Global Health Emergency in the COVID-19 Era

Just to be clear, we here at Convenience Kits International have always believed that personal hygiene was a very important matter. Not to brag, but we’ve been telling people to wash their hands and stay clean long before the governments of the world weighed in on the matter. The body is the armature of the self, and when you have the confidence that good hygiene brings, it almost seems like the world is yours to conquer. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has upped the stakes quite a bit in the world of personal hygiene. No longer is it just about passing through airport security with TSA compliant hygiene products or having a quick travel bag ready for the next family trip. Personal hygiene has become a matter of public health and we all would do well to do our part. This is about keeping our families safe, as well as keeping our neighbors safe. It’s about doing what we can for our fellow man and it all starts with a thorough washing of the hands. So let’s take a look at what we are doing to help keep our communities safe and clean in the COVID-19 era.

Stay Clean and Stay Safe

Apart from adding toilet paper companies to your stock portfolio, there is not much for the average citizen to look back on with regret in the run up to this pandemic. Fortunately, for better or worse, this was a crisis that was right up our alley. We always prioritized family hygiene. It was at the heart of our mission to make it easy and affordable. So all we needed to do was make a slight adaptation to the emerging science. That was the genesis behind our Stay Safe Germ Protection Kit.

Personal hygiene products became hard to come by and to find them all together in one place seemed like the best we could offer to the average citizen. So we packaged together hand sanitizer, kleenex, and a disposable face mask with FDA approved ear loops all in one affordable package. For good measure, we threw in a bottle of scope to keep the mouth fresh and a tube of hand moisturizer because let’s face it, washing your hands 30 times a day takes a toll. 

Moreover, these are still in a TSA compliant bag. We know that air travel has been reduced to a minimum, but those out there on the front lines of the economy must still travel. This is designed to keep you safe, wherever you may go, with the same affordability and convenience you have come to love. This is one of our most popular products right now. While the business side of us enjoys that reality, the human side that lets us know that we are doing our part to keep our nation clean and safe is what warms our heart. It’s not a game changer that will end this virus, but it's what we can do. We sincerely hope that it helps.

Keeping the Whole Community Safe

Your first obligation is certainly to your family, but we have to remember that we are all in this together. Your neighbor’s hygiene matters to you and your family. The stranger’s hygiene matters to you while shopping in the same store. The marginalized and downtrodden person on the street, their hygiene matters to you as well. So we’ve got a full array of Hygiene and Stay Safe Kits to choose from. Find what matters most to you and those around you. You’ll also  notice that if it is just the Disposable Face Masks that you need, we’ve got those individually packaged in groups of ten for you and your family.

While we are trying to keep you and your family safe, please keep in mind that we still offer our entire array of products to keep you clean and healthy. Moreover, we still have our bulk ordering options available for companies looking to keep their employees safe or even social outreach and other ventures where you are caring for your fellow human. None of us may truly know what the new normal will look like, but we here at Convenience Kits International have been inspired by the great amount of good we are seeing. Perhaps we shouldn’t mourn too much for the old and simply embrace the hope and possibility of the future. Stay safe America and let’s all do our part to stay clean and keep our country safe.