Humans Helping Humans Stay Healthy and Clean with Convenient Hygiene Kits

When we think of helping our fellow man or woman in their hour of greatest need, it’s not often that hygiene is the first idea that pops in our heads. Yet, Convenience Kits International regularly partners with nonprofits to meet that very need. You see, there is enough evidence to suggest that the body is the armature of the self. That is, it is the physical self around which the psychological self is formed. When we look good, we feel good. When we shower at the start of what we know to be a challenging day, we feel more ready for what is ahead of us. When an individual who struggles with homelessness gets that shower and a fresh haircut, a smile that has been gone for far too long returns. If i can borrow a few minutes of your time, I’d like to share with you our vision to change the world one fresh and clean human at a time.

Creating a Measurable Social Impact

To be clear, we are not a nonprofit organization and we are a business that meets hygiene needs of all sorts from sea to shining sea. However, we recognized early on the power and potential of our hygiene kits during periods of natural disasters or large scale human service missions. We’ve supplied kits to nonprofits serving veterans, homeless, abused women, and families displaced by disaster.

With that in mind, we strive to make our kits that go out to nonprofits as affordable and efficient as possible. Certainly, we have the luxurious kits that business men and women use to navigate TSA and airports as well. However, we understand the nonprofit budget as well as the need to order in large numbers and with very little notice.

We can’t solve homelessness much as we might like to do so and we can’t restore power or shelter to a region struck by a hurricane. However, we can help ensure that those who can, have the ability to offer the gift of hygiene and self-care to those who need it most. It may not be the most glamorous role and we don’t expect to win any awards, but we will strive to take our business and make as strong a social impact as we possibly can on the world around us.

Keeping the World Clean in the Era of COVID-19

Now, the year 2020 has been a year like any other and I think we’ll all speak of where we were and how we lived in the era of COVID-19. Well, here at CKI, we’ll remember it as the year that personal hygiene became a national emergency. We did our best to adapt as quickly as we could and came with a series of Hygiene & Stay Safe Kits to tackle the problem. We had most of the products in stock, but we did have to make a run on disposable face masks.

We’ve always prided ourselves on offering convenient solutions, but we found ourselves in an era where quick affordable solutions could save lives. Organizations like various Meals on Wheels groups around the country had to continue to operate, regardless of the pandemic. Homeless shelters continued to see demand and small health clinics were busier than ever. Moreover, families and individuals still sought a little joy in life and the fact that they could still go out and stay clean and hygienic was a big deal.

Humans Helping Humans with Hygiene Kits

We did our best to tackle the challenges this year has brought and while there were many lessons learned, we felt like we made an impact. For all the solutions we thought of, we knew there were still many we couldn’t imagine. So we’ve offered nonprofits and other organizations the ability to build custom hygiene kits to meet their individual needs.

We hope 2020 has been kind to you, despite all its difficulties, but mostly we hope that you have been kind to your fellow human this year. You never know what the person next to you is struggling with and kindness can go a long way. If the gift of good hygiene can be a part of your kindness, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for reading and please stay safe and clean while being kind to those around you.