Don’t Leave Home for the Holidays without this Hygiene Essential

This holiday season, it is estimated that over 115 million Americans will travel for the Christmas season. This includes road trips to grandma’s house, family trips during the winter break and even holiday escapes to somewhere warm and tropical. Regardless of the destination, over 1/3rd of Americans will be heading out and the smart ones will remember this hygiene essential before they do. Gone are the days of trying to remember everyone’s toothbrush or deodorant. Families from sea to shining sea have come to embrace the convenient travel-ready hygiene kit that has it all. So let’s take a quick look at how families across America are saving time and money this holiday season.

Proper Hygiene begins with Proper Planning

Before you hit the road, the average person goes through a long mental checklist to assess whether they have packed everything. From underwear and socks to toothbrushes and deodorant, the full burden of this task often falls to mom. She is the one making a list and checking it twice more often than not, and she needs a break. That’s where the ready-to-go Convenient Travel Kit comes in to save mom’s across this nation.

With one click, the holiday travel planner can pick up comprehensive and TSA compliant hygiene kits for the whole family. It takes all the work out of the packing process and replaces it with convenience and low cost solutions. Just take this Man on the Go Premium Travel Bag as an example. It comes with 10 hygiene essentials that will cover all the needs Dad or your teenage son on the trip. Don’t waste time hassling them for assurances that they remembered everything. Just order one for the trip and the cost is low enough that they can even simply toss the kit after the trip if they so choose.

The High Price of Horrible Hygiene

When it comes to travelling, there is actually a high price to pay for forgetting hygiene essentials and that extends far beyond simply being stuck in a car with stinky teenager. If you have ever forgotten a hygiene essential while on the road, you know you are going to pay a high price at the gift shop or airport store to replace it. Let’s face it, the whole reason shops like that can gouge you for the item is that they know people will forget and they will pay anything to replace the hygiene essential.

Meanwhile, with a little planning you can replace your entire hygiene kit for nearly the same amount as an overpriced mini-stick of deodorant at the hotel gift shop. In fact, many simply skip the packing process and order kits to be delivered at their final destination just in case. The fact that all of these kits come TSA compliant packaging is just the icing on the cake. That’s why families are turning to hygiene kits this holiday season and you would do well to consider the same.

In Conclusion

Holiday travels are an American tradition and Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without an overcrowded house full of relatives. With the proper hygiene essentials in place, you can love your family rather than smell them. If any of our pre-packaged kits do not work for you, then we even offer you the opportunity to customize your hygiene solution to meet your individual needs. The days of paying for overpriced hygiene essentials or sorting through endless packing lists are over. So do not forget to check out the full array of our hygiene solutions and have a happy and healthy holiday hygiene experience.