Dirty Jobs Require Modern and Innovative Hygiene Kit Solutions

If you are part of the great American workforce who knows how to get down and dirty to earn a living, then we salute you. More than salute you, we want to provide you with the modern and innovative hygiene kit solution you need to keep on leading the way and smelling fresh. Just because you get dirty for a living doesn’t mean you have to stay dirty. Yes, your job requires long hours, a little elbow grease, and a healthy amount of sweat. For many of you, this job is conducted during long stretches away from home and all the amenities we’ve grown accustomed to using. So whatever solution you choose has to be mobile, comprehensive, and most importantly, affordable. So might we be so humble as to suggest a solution of our own.  Our convenient travel kits have been saving Americans a little cash and keeping them fresh and clean for more than thirty years. A second generation American owned business, we provide solutions for the American family and the American worker. So let’s run through a couple of dirty jobs and see just what we can to lend a hand.

Construction Industry Hygiene Solutions

For many dirty jobs, we can honestly say that these are the men and women who built America. For those in the construction industry, we can literally say that you are the men and women who build America. We simply wouldn’t be the same without you. While women comprise approximately half of the American workforce, they only comprise about 9% of the construction industry. Yet, they still both deserve to be fresh and clean at the end of a long shift.

So we have an array of unisex hygiene kits from which to choose. Our kits come fully loaded with everything you need to freshen up. That’s shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, soap, shaving kits and more. They all come in a convenient travel sized bag and in sizes that make them fully TSA compliant if air travel is required. Most importantly, they come in prices that make them easy to dispose of and simply pick up another for your next work trip.

So if you find yourself knee deep in the soil laying a foundation, then you’ll have what you need to clean up before dinner. Should you find yourself sky high on rebar in the hot Arizona summer, you’ll have the necessary shampoo and soap to shower up and head home to the wife smelling like new. If the demands should take you thousands of miles away to work on a construction project, you’ll also have what you need to make it back through airport security and home with the family.

Staying Fresh on the Great American Highway

Another industry that we’ve seen who finds our travel kits the perfect hygiene solution is the freight industry. Everyone in America loves to go to the store and find whatever their heart desires, but not too many Americans stop to think about how it got there. Truck drivers and the freight industry keep American business moving. Doing so requires long hours on the road and sometimes weeks away from the family. They too find use in our convenient hygiene travel kit solutions.

In fact, it would be a great idea for organizations in the industry to simply order the hygiene kits in bulk and send them out as practical employee gifts. Truck drivers are often forced to fend for themselves at travel stop gas stations and wait in line for a chance to hit the crowded showers. Whether you are a man or woman, we’ve got everything your truck driver will need to stay fresh and clean on the road. So why not do your workers a solid and gift them the gift of hygiene.

A Solution for Every Dirty Job

Those are just two quick examples of dirty jobs that need a modern and innovative hygiene kit solution to stay fresh and clean. However, the truth of the matter is that we can accomodate any job and any industry with our Custom Built Hygiene Kit Solutions. You get to pick the bag and the number items you want. Then, simply run through the various options of shampoos, conditioners, oral hygiene, shaving, deodorant, or other accessories. You can still order them in bulk and they are all still TSA compliant.

So whether you are one of the great American truck drivers, construction workers, or dirty job laborers, you don’t have to stay dirty. America wouldn’t be the same without and we salute everything that you do. If we don’t have what you are looking for, then simply reach out to us and we’ll work as hard as you do to come up with a solution. Thank you for what you do for our great country and don’t forget to check out the full range of our hygiene travel kit solutions at Convenience Kits International. Remember to Pack Light. Pack Smart. Travel On.