Proper Hygiene During Summer Travels is More Important than Ever

To be clear, maintaining proper hygiene during summer travels was always important. We all know that feeling of finding the one gas station bathroom during a summer road trip and the conditions are less than sanitary. You would complain to the store employee, but he doesn’t look too much like he cares. So you do your best to hover and dance around the dirty bathroom to accomplish your urgent mission. As you gear up for your summer travels this year, you will be doing so in an environment where proper hygiene means more than ever in the wake of COVID-19. Cancelling the summer travels is not an option as we are born to explore. However, with the proper precautions you can do safely and in that regard, we are here to help.

Born for the Open Road and Good Hygiene

The great American road trip is classic Americana at it’s finest. Granted, things have gotten a little easier over the decades. Smartphones and navigation apps have replaced paper maps, video games have replaced car games, and a DVD player in every minivan has replaced siblings punching each other in the back seat. Here at Convenience Kits International, we’ve sought to replace the hassle of making sure you’ve got every hygiene product packed for the long road trip. This Women’s Premium 15 Piece Assembled Travel Kit is the perfect example.

There is no need for moms to make a list and check it twice while scrambling to get the family packed for the trip. Just grab the comprehensive hygiene kit and go. You see, once you leave the safety of home, you are now at the mercy of the open road. That’s dirty gas station bathrooms, less than stellar hotel rooms, and even the unexpected overnight delays. Having everything you need and then some in one kit can be a life saver. Moreover, as you can see with this Black Zippered Travel Bag, all of our kits are TSA compliant should air travel be part of the trip.

COVID-19 Has Changed Travel for the Near Future

All of the hygiene solutions we offered prior to COVID-19 were designed to make travel more convenient. Little did we know that those same solutions would now emerge as essential products to keep you and your family safe. COVID-19 has proven to be a resilient virus that can be spread through asymptomatic carriers. That means the person that uses the gas station bathroom before your or even the TSA agent checking your bags at the airport. While we would never recommend that you suspend your travels and live in fear, we do encourage you to live free and prepared.

That was the genesis behind our Stay Safe Germ Protection Kit. In this kit, you’ve got a facemask, hand sanitizer, kleenex, mouthwash, and healing cream to nourish your hands after you’ve washed them for the 1,000th time that day.  The simple truth is that you can’t rely on every road trip gas station to have toilet paper, much less hand sanitizer or soap. You have to take charge over your family’s own hygiene if you are to enjoy the summer road trip in peace. It’s a simple and affordable solution for the entire family.

Make Memories While You Can

For parents of young children, you understand that each summer completed is one less summer that you get to spend with your precious ones before they grow up. That’s why you can’t suspend the great American road trip, because this is time that you will never get back. However, you can travel safely and we encourage you to do so. We’ve even got Travel Kits for the Baby who has no idea what COVID-19 is or where on the planet he or she may be. Regardless, your young children will be forging precious memories with you. So don’t forget to check out the rest of our travel hygiene solutions and hit the open road with your family this summer. If done right and with the proper precautions, you’ll never regret the experience of travel. Stay safe and travel on this summer!