Gritty Jobs Require Tough Men, Hard Work, and Stellar Hygiene

The year 2020 will go down in the record books for a variety of reasons both good and bad. As it pertains to our business of bringing affordable and quality hygiene to the world, the year brought a new level of seriousness to what we do. For the year 2020 was the year that proper hygiene became squarely in the national interest. COVID-19 had the ability to shutter entire businesses and change lives if a hand was left unwashed or a cough uncovered. For many industries, it was an easy transition and for other jobs that require a man to get down and dirty, it was a harder shift. The team here at Convenience Kits International have been proud to support some of the grittiest jobs in America with the hygiene tools they need to stay clean and in business. Now that the year 2020 has ended, the need to keep these messy jobs clean remains and we are thrilled to show you what we bring to the table.

Gritty Jobs and Hygiene Kits Belong Together

For America’s leading companies, taking good care of their employees was already an organizational priority prior to COVID-19. Providing America's dirtiest employees with the opportunity to look after their hygiene is just part of the job. Companies provide showers, locker rooms, and other facilities to make that possible. Many also provide affordable hygiene kits to their employees and we know this is so, because we are the ones that sell it to them. Construction crews are some of the most frequent purchasers of pre-packaged hygiene kits.

Just take this Men’s Sampler 10 Piece Hygiene Kit for example. For a handful of dollars, an organization can provide a comprehensive kit for every employee in every setting. They are compact and affordable enough where they can be provided at regular intervals such as once a week, once a month, or even just at the start of an extended shift.

Yes, individuals could purchase their own hygiene kits and many do just that. We sell them to single workers and entire organizations alike. However, for a company to do so represents a soft benefit and it communicates that the company cares for the employee. After all, who doesn’t like receiving free swag at work? Moreover, organizations who have found themselves on the wrong end of a mass spreader event, they enjoy being able to tell the world all they have tried to prevent it.  It’s a win/win for the company and the employee.

Taking Care of Your Hygiene is Taking Care of Your Family

For many of America’s essential workers, they looked forward each day or each shift to returning home to their family. However, many worried what they would be bringing home to their family. Whereas it is nice when an organization looks after your hygiene needs in a messy job, but at the end of the day it is up to you to protect your family. During COVID-19, we saw individuals in jobs across America order hygiene kits for the sole purpose of making sure they were clean when they hugged their wife and kids at the end of the day.

Yes, men and women work in dirty jobs and that’s why our Unisex 10 piece Hygiene Kit has been one of our best sellers. Dirt, grease, germs, and the grit of a dirty job doesn’t care what gender you are, it’s coming for you in a dirty job. Trucking, manufacturing, construction, metalworking, oil rigs and more all take a toll on your hygiene and all require an efficient and affordable solution. Once again, construction is booming in America right now despite COVID-19 and construction crews need these kits more than most right now.

America Can’t Survive Without The Jobs That Get Messy

There may come a day when robots and artificial intelligence take over most gritty and messy jobs, but that day is not today. America needs these gallant men and women who are willing to get down and dirty to keep America running. We have created these hygiene kits for all the messy jobs we know about and for all the jobs that are so dirty that we don’t even know they exist. If we have not created a hygiene kit that suits your particular industry, then by all means, you can create and build your own hygiene kit right here.

We salute America’s gritty and messy workers and we’ll always be here to be sure you head home clean and safe to your family. It’s likely that America will fight the COVID-19 pandemic well through 2021 and we’ll be here to support America’s workers through that fight as well. Check out of all our hygiene solutions and remember to work hard, get dirty, and then get clean. Here’s to America’s gritty workers as we couldn’t do it without you!