Americans Will Be Living Their Most Hygienic Life Ever Post COVID-19

America is a resilient nation and we here at Convenience Kits International fully believe that the indomitable American spirit will see our nation through the current global pandemic. Certainly, the news may look a little bleak right now. However, we as a nation have been here before we can all be thankful that at least this time, we do so in an age where the science of good hygiene is clear and conclusive. Personally, we think people should have always been washing their hands, but hey, at least people are doing so now. The new emphasis on personal hygiene means that a multitude of industries must adapt to the new American demand for cleanliness. It is our view that the rental and real estate industry will be among them. So if I can borrow a few minutes of your time, I’d like to share with you what we think that future may look like. If nothing else, we are certain that it will be a bright, clean, and hygienic future.

Short-Term Rental Hygiene Kits

One of the first things that we think will change dramatically are people’s expectations of cleanliness when they enter a short-term rental such as an AirBNB accommodation. It is common for people to expect certain perks and those perks go a long way to creating repeat business. That’s why hotels have long included small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soap. The only thing is that no one is going to want to use something that they think the previous tenants may have touched. That’s where our Men’s Sampler 9PC Assembled Travel Kit comes to the rescue.

This kit has everything a man needs to survive any travel on the road or in the air. Having this sealed and comprehensive kit waiting in the bathroom of the short-term rental is a pleasantly welcome perk. Moreover, the fact that they are certain that no one has used it before them and that they can take it with them on the plane home is an even bigger win. Now, if you really want to say that you know your customers, consider getting more detailed. If you know your guests are bringing a baby with them, consider having this Johnson & Johnson 10PC Baby Travel Bag waiting for them. That level of detail and customization is not easily forgotten and is sure to get you some great Yelp or Google reviews.

A Hygienic Future is a Bright Future

Next, let’s just consider all that our nation has to gain by being hygiene focused in the future. Let’s face it, COVID-19 wasn’t the only virus floating around the world and it certainly won’t be the last. We are set to be healthier as a nation and this is encouraging businesses to innovate at a rapid pace. Face masks and hand sanitizer are becoming as commonplace as the air around us. The bottom line is that the costs of being clean far outweigh the costs of not being so. It’s a smart business decision.

We keep that in mind when we price our products. Whether it was the kits we mentioned above or even a luxury kit like the Women’s 9PC Assembled Travel Sampler Kit, they are all well under $10 bucks each. Working these costs into a short-term or apartment rental is easy and when people come to expect such measures, they will start to ask questions when they don’t see them. The bottom line is that business as usual will no longer do for the post COViD-19 era and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Customize Your Hygiene Solution

The rental and real estate industry will not be immune to these new business requirements and they would do well to start finding customized solutions to meet the needs of the new hygienic focused American consumer. Gone are the days of refillable shampoo bottles left in a rental. Prepackaged hygiene kits are a perk that rentals will appreciate and at some point, they may even expect it. That’s why we also offer the ability to customize your Hygiene Travel Kit Solution.

We’ve always been focused on hygiene and we are thrilled that the rest of America has jumped on board. We may not be shaking as many hands as we used to prior to the pandemic, but when we do, we are much more confident that those hands have been cleaned and sanitized. So please do not forget to check out the rest of our hygiene solutions and if you have any questions, never hesitate to give us a call. Americans will be living their most hygienic life ever in the post COVID-19 era and plan to be there side-by-side with them providing the best solutions along the way.