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Preserving Human Dignity with Good Work and Good Hygiene

Life can be hard and when natural disasters, financial hardship, or traumatic experiences strike, life can be even harder. Convenience Kits International is proud to partner with nonprofits, religious, and disaster relief organizations around the world to preserve human dignity during the most trying times with good hygiene. To many, a toothbrush and soap might seem like the last thing on a person’s mind when they are facing disaster or chronic homelessness. Yet, the body is the armature of the self and maintaining one’s sense of self worth when all seems hopeless can be the catalyst for a new future. Every human being, regardless of what hardships they face deserve to feel valued. The Good Work partnership offers affordable solutions to and compassionate outreach with pre-packaged hygiene kits ready to ship in bulk at a moment’s notice. Join with us today and help us support the Good Work, that you do everyday.

6 Great Family Vacation Spots on the East Coast

Most people often think of the holiday season as the biggest “family time” (and it can be, considering it’s usually the only time you’ll see Cousin Jimmy who lives on the other side of the country). But right now is probably the best time to grab your whole gang and get in the car (or hop on a plane) for a long weekend adventure.  You'll beat the crowds - and the prices - plus there are plenty of short-term get-aways to be had just before the craze of summer sets in and everyone’s out from school.