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Convenient grab-and-go AXE - Travel Hygiene Kit

Staying clean and fresh is essential whether you are on more adventurous travels, or you are off on a short city break. With the discomfort associated with travel, it will be familiar with anyone that has done short haul or any international. It is not only about crowded airports, tiny airline toilets, bad food and cramped airline seats. Travelling; waiting in line, transfers, airport layovers and everything that goes with it is frustrating and sweaty and after days on a long way journey, or after a full day, of negotiating trains, airport and baggage claims you will not be your freshest.  It goes exclusive of saying that staying for too long with sweats is uncomfortable not to say unhygienic but there is no certain way to kill off a holiday romance before it has even started than by being unkempt and smelly.

Making Business Travel Work for Women with Families

Business travel can be exciting when you're travelling for new business and opportunities. Frequent business travel, however, can be tiring and especially difficult for women who have families at home. For mothers (and fathers too) regular business travel can leave you feeling anxious and guilty about missing out at home while trying to stay present on your business trip.

In this article, we've listed some ways to help make your business travel run smoothly so you can stay focused on business while balancing your family life at home. The key to making business travel work for you is making things convenient and easy for your individual situation.

Keep reading below for our tips on making business travel work for women with families.