Travel Kits for Corporate America

Every year throughout corporate America, gifts are given to employees to show appreciation. From coffee mugs to golf towels, these gifts more often than not are a mere duplicate of what someone already owns. There is no practical value in one more coffee mug or one more golf towel. However, there is a great deal of practical value in gifting pre-packaged hygiene kits that are sure to find some use during the next holiday or travel for work. Let’s just take this Unisex Hygiene Kit for example.

Now, the key to pulling off the hygiene kit as a gift is to give them to everyone. Marge from accounting may very well have a hygiene problem, but if she is the only one who gets one from management, then you’ll be sitting in H.R. before you know it. However, if you are a company that demands regular travel of your employees, then the unisex hygiene kit has what everyone needs. Just throw it in the travel bag and you are ready to go. Moreover, with the ability to customize and brand the bag however you see fit, you’ll get the company name out there from sea to shining seas as well.

Hygiene Kits for the Whole Family

Now let’s consider the average American family. There’s mom, dad, son, daughter, and newborn baby. Travelling with a family is no easy feat and the bulk of the packing tends to always fall on mom. So why not support mom by giving everyone in the family their own customized hygiene bag right before a trip. For a marginal cost, you can have this Men’s Deluxe 10 Piece Hygiene Kit or this Women’s Premium 13 Piece at your disposal.

There’s no need to worry if you forgot something or not and mom doesn’t have to stress going over her packing list and checking it twice. Not to mention, there are even kits for the notoriously odorous teenager as well as a bath kit for the baby. Throwing these items in the stockings on Christmas Eve is guaranteed to be a winner. It’s too practical not to love. It could also be a cool way to announce you’ve surprised the family with a trip to Disneyland, by telling them to pack their bags.

Hygiene is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Throughout America in both the private and corporate world, gifts are given that no sooner than they are received find their way to the trash. Everyone needs hygiene my friends and hygiene is the gift that keeps on giving to all around. These kits are a gift that you can nearly guarantee will be used at one point or another. Everyone travels and everyone forgets toiletries. Now, everyone can have their own comprehensive travel kit. It’s too good of a gift to pass up, but remember, everyone has to get one. So take care of your employees and take care of your family by checking out the full array we have to offer at Convenience Kits International.  Pack Light. Pack Smart. Travel On.