Take the Headache out of Business Travel

When you are travelling on business, you want it to go smoothly. This is not only to avoid any travel hassles–it’s also to keep up professional appearances. While you don’t have much control over when planes arrive and depart, there is much you can do to avoid glitches on your journey by trying some of these top tips:

1. Check Your Itinerary Twice: It seems simple, but if you are a frequent business traveller, the trips can start to blur together. And if you are in a city with multiple airports, make double sure that you know which airport you are headed for. Take the time to enter your data in your smart phone calendar or print out a version that’s always within easy access.

2. Sign Up for Airline Alerts: Most every airline has alerts that it can transmit via text, voicemail, or email. Make sure that you are receiving these alerts as they can save you precious time when your flight is late, the gate is changed, or even worse, it departs early. By staying on top of when and where your airplane is leaving, you can time your trip to your destination and stay calm.

3. Pick an Airline and Stick to It: Whenever possible, try to fly the same airline. Every air carrier has it quirks, from baggage fees to weight limits to overhead storage capacity. By sticking to one airline, you won’t need to sweat the small stuff, like whether your roll aboard can actually be stored aboard. Plus, provided your company permits it, you can really rack up those frequent flyer miles for personal travel.

4. Be Clear on Airport Transfers: Don’t take it for granted that your hotel has a shuttle to take you to and from the airport. Do your research in advance and know how you are going to get around once you arrive at your destination. That way you not only get where you are going, and often less expensively, but you can make sure that it will be on time so that you don’t miss a critical appointment or meeting.  

5. Take Some Cash: In these days of debit and credit cards, carrying cash has fallen to the wayside. But don’t forget to make a pit stop at the cash machine. By padding your wallet when you are on the go, you won’t only have few extra bucks to smooth the way with tips, you also will have some extra insurance if you get stranded along the journey.

6.  Keep a Pouch for Business Receipts: Don’t just stash receipts for business travel reimbursement in your pocket or wallet. It’s all too easy for these to get lost, and then you are out of luck in redeeming your out-of-pocket expenses. Even just a sealable plastic sandwich bag to carry in your tote or purse will securely hold receipts. Be sure to jot down cash tips and expenditures on a slip of paper and stow that as well. Those incidentals can add up fast. Use your smartphone to take pictures of receipts. And get those expense reports complete asap–details can get fuzzy even just a few days after a trip. Some companies even have travel expense apps so that you can record expenses, upload receipt images, and complete reports on the go.

7.  Carry On If You Can: While it can be tempting to throw in everything but the kitchen sink when you travel, too much luggage is real downer on a business trip. You’ll lose time at the baggage claim, and you won’t be able to navigate quickly when you’re tugging or lugging a couple of pieces of luggage. Invest in a well-outfitted carry-on bag that’s designed for business travel. And when it comes to personal care items, make sure that you can get through the security gate without a hitch by taking along one of the For the Woman on the Go or For the Man on the Go premium travel kits from Convenience Kits International. Each durable and water-resistant bag is stocked with conveniently sized toiletries and is completely TSA-compliant. No more worrying if your shampoo is the right size or if your favorite supplies will be tossed.

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