Spring Time Means Family Road Trips and Musty Car Rides

The great American road trip is the stuff of legend from sea to shining sea every spring in America. Trips to the beach, Disneyland, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and more are taking place this season as families pack up the car to hit the road. Perhaps none more famous than the hilarious National Lampoon’s Family Vacation, long car rides with the family can really test a family’s cohesion. Nothing tests that more than poor hygiene and smelly feet trapped in a minivan for 12 hours a day. Fret not, as an impromptu road trip or planned vacation doesn’t have to mean substandard hygiene. Convenience Kits International offers the go to solution for hygiene on the go and there is a little something for every family member at the ready.

Mom Knows Her Family Best

Not to belittle the dads out there, but moms know their family’s hygiene needs and certainly their shortcomings. So if you are a mom in charge of planning the family’s rations before a trip, you might want to consider going with a fully customizable kit. Building your custom travel kit is remarkably easy and allows you to customize each kit to each individual’s need. You can choose the size of the bag and fill it with your choice of shampoos, deodorants, body wash and more.

So in this case, there is no need to nag the kids, or yes even the husband, to see if they remembered to pack any particular item to make the trip a little less musty. For a remarkably cheap price, simply order it completed and when they complain they are out of deodorant you can just hand it over to them. No excuses. No fuss and most importantly, no musty teenagers filling up the back seats. Mom knows best and if that’s you, then we recommend you fully customize.

Keep Hygiene Simple for All

That being said, mom’s got plenty on her plate before a long road trip and she can use a little help every now and then. That’s why we offer fully completed kits that are just ready for a click and order. Moreover, if you should find yourself flying instead of on the the road these kits meet all TSA size requirements. So if you have a musty teenage boy on the road with you, then just order this AXE 9pc Extreme Mini Premium Kit. From deodorant to toothpaste to even a handy set of Dude Wipes, this kit has everything you need for the smelly teenage boy experience.

In addition, let’s not forget about little baby. Hopefully the only one on the trip not quite potty trained yet, babies need regular baths over the course of a family vacation. Rather than scurry through your baby bath basket at home, just order this pre-assembled Johnson & Johnson 10 pc Baby Travel Bag. Simple, affordable, and even comes a little rubber ducky to keep the little baby entertained during bath time.

In Conclusion

There is absolutely no reason to stress about the great American road trip this spring. Families have regretted wasting money on all sorts of items in life, but they rarely if ever regret the experiences forged together on vacation. Not even teenage musk can ruin these memories. Keep it simple and smelling fresh for your family this spring with any of the hygiene solutions you’ll find here at Convenience Kits International. Pack Light. Pack Smart. Travel On.