Letting Children Return to School with Confidence and Good Hygiene

For many children, the back-to-school shopping craze is an opportunity to purchase fresh clothes, sport new haircuts and if you are lucky enough, a new pair of sneakers. The body is the armature of the self and when children feel confident through personal appearance it often translates to other aspects of life. Meanwhile, a great number of children from sea to shining sea return to school with no such feeling. For families living in impoverished communities, even the basic necessities of hygiene are often overlooked. The result is a child ashamed to go to school and growing up far from confident. Fortunately, teachers and administrators around the nation have taken notice and are taking action. Charities and schools are giving the gift of confidence through the power of prepackaged hygiene kits to children in need. A simple and affordable act of compassion that pays off in a big way in the lives of children.

Taking Hygiene for Granted

To say that kids can often be cruel to one another is an understatement. We know this from our own personal experiences growing up and humanity has not changed all that great of a deal. Routinely in America, children are mocked for improper hygiene and labeled with names that often follow them through the entirety of their school experience. Unfortunately, it is not until we all grow up and realize that most of these youths had no choice in the matter. The children would love to wash their hair and brush their teeth. It was the parents that couldn’t afford it. So that’s where you can step in and take action.

We offer affordable pre-packaged hygiene kits that provide everything a child needs to return to school with confidence. From toothbrushes to shampoo to combs, there is no reason a child should go without. The power of purchasing these kits to be distributed at schools and nonprofits is that it can be done so in a discreet way so as not to cause the child more embarrassment. However, there is nothing stopping an individual from seeing a need and making a purchase that can change a child’s future.

Big Compassion in a Small Kit

We’ve found that one of the most effective ways to encourage a child’s hygiene without damaging their confidence is to give a hygiene kit to every youth in the class. Often times, some children won’t take advantage of the compassion, because they feel it will highlight their plight. However, if every kid gets the same kit at the start of school then there is no difference from one youth to the next. Let’s take this Teen/Adult Hygiene Kit for example.

This kit has everything a young adult might need to tackle their daily hygiene needs. If every child was given this particular comb or brush, then it doesn’t look out of place to the rest of the children. There is no stigma associated with the act of charity and yet, the child’s basic hygiene needs are met. We also have feminine hygiene kits to help young girls navigate that season of adolescence with confidence.

In the end, this about delivering big compassion in a small kit. Whether you decide to discretely issue the bag to a child in need or simply give them all out to the class knowing there are likely some unknown needs, this delivers confidence through the power of hygiene. We offer plenty of bulk ordering options so that you can deliver this compassion on a big scale and in a way that is friendly to the budget. Let your heart guide you and recognize the importance of hygiene in a child’s development. Every child deserves to know joy in each day and sometimes the basic necessities we all take for granted can deliver that joy.