Preserving Human Dignity with Good Work and Good Hygiene

Life can be hard and when natural disasters, financial hardship, or traumatic experiences strike, life can be even harder. Convenience Kits International is proud to partner with nonprofits, religious, and disaster relief organizations around the world to preserve human dignity during the most trying times with good hygiene. To many, a toothbrush and soap might seem like the last thing on a person’s mind when they are facing disaster or chronic homelessness. Yet, the body is the armature of the self and maintaining one’s sense of self worth when all seems hopeless can be the catalyst for a new future. Every human being, regardless of what hardships they face deserve to feel valued. The Good Work partnership offers affordable solutions to and compassionate outreach with pre-packaged hygiene kits ready to ship in bulk at a moment’s notice. Join with us today and help us support the Good Work, that you do everyday.

Good Work for Good People

Behind every family or individual facing chronic homelessness, there is a story of a life that could have been. More importantly, there is the story of a life that still could be. Countless nonprofit and religious organizations from sea to shining sea are working nonstop to lead individuals from chronic homelessness and addiction to a new future. It often takes time and developing a relationship and foster hope is necessary.

That’s why organizations turn to our stock of ready to ship hygiene kits to break the ice and demonstrate individual worth to all. These kits provide an individual everything they need to stay clean, fresh and feel valued despite their present hardships. Too many people look at chronic homelessness and come to the conclusion that people don’t want to change. The truth is that it often just takes time to produce change. Maintaining their human dignity in the meantime brings them closer to that change. For a veteran who served this nation and now resides on the streets of the land they fought to defend, a little fresh hygiene for men can go a long way.

Good Work at a Moment’s Notice

As for the worst that mother nature has to offer, natural disasters strike when mother nature chooses. Disasters rarely check with relief organizations to see if they are fully stocked on supplies before striking. That’s why disaster relief organizations have turned to Good Work for a quick shipment of hygiene supplies to preserve human dignity in the wake of a natural disaster. With a few clicks and within hours of disaster striking, an organization can have universal hygiene solutions packaged and en route to provide relief.

Not mention that with over 300 TSA sized hygiene items and 32 different bags, you can customize the solution to the particular need you face in front of you. In the chaos that follows disaster, these solutions are tactical, practical and ready for those in need. Hurricanes have shown us their ability to devastate the infrastructure. Wildfires have demonstrated the speed in which they can come upon communities. Tornadoes strike in a moment’s notice and gone in a flash. What they all leave in their wake is a stunning array of human needs. Thanks to organizations committed to the common good, they can know that a little Good Work is on their way to help them. Join us in this mission and help us preserve human dignity in humanity’s most trying moments with a little Good Work and good hygiene.