Outreach With Budget Convenience Kits? Helping Others

PAYING IT FORWARD / Helping the Homeless

People all over the world care about those less fortunate, and we try to make a difference by giving when we can. It’s the right thing to do — paying it forward by giving a hand up to those who are feeling down. Many of us are passionate about this and want to help, but sometimes it’s a struggle to find effective ways to improve the lot of those who suffer.

The homeless and poor have many needs, and sometimes small packages contain really helpful things, items that give a little relief and help restore a sense of normalcy.

Personal Hygiene kits are used in various outreach efforts, stand downs for veterans and to help the homeless. Stand Downs for homeless veterans were originally modeled after the Stand Down used during the Vietnam War to provide a secure base-camp retreat for battle-weary soldiers returning from combat—where troops could take care of personal hygiene, get fresh uniforms, warm meals, and receive medical care, find safety and camaraderie, and renew their spirit.

Achieving the objectives of Stand Downs for homeless veterans requires a broad support services and contributions. The programs succeed because they bring services to one location, making them more accessible to homeless veterans. The Stand Down program is now recognized as the nation’s most valuable outreach tool to help homeless veterans.

Outreach to Those in Need with Helpful Convenience Kits and Budget Kits

CKI makes it easy to provide simple, helpful things to those in need. Businesses, nonprofit organizations, and even individuals dedicated to meaningfully supporting those in need find our thoughtfully packaged personal hygiene kits to be a great solution for a number of reasons.

  • First, prepackaged convenience kits are very easy to ship and distribute. Any individual, group or organization can deliver these kits to those in need directly and spontaneously, or through agencies already serving the poor and homeless. They’re already designed and packaged for individual use, in sizes that make sense in temporary quarters.
  • Second, they’re compact and convenient in a way that makes them very easy to keep close and readily use—no matter where you are. CKI’s budget kits contain fewer items, which makes them even easier to buy in bulk and quickly distribute to many people when and as needed.
  • Third, they enable charitable organizations, donating agencies, businesses, and groups to demonstrate their support by applying their brand or logo to the kit bags.
  • Fourth, we’re flexible. You can buy our stock hygiene kits or create your own. Just select the items you want to include in your donated convenience kits inside — customized for your target users—and the type of packaging you would like and you’ll have a quote within 24 hrs.

Prepackaged and customized personal hygiene kits are the real solution that directly and immediately aide those lacking basic personal-care necessities. To quickly secure the approval of agencies accepting donations on behalf of the poor and homeless, and those sheltering the homeless, convenience kits are packaged in clear travel bags to make products easily identifiable. There won’t be any confusion about the utility or helpfulness of these hygiene convenience packages when your organization donates them.

Budget travel kits feature the easy-to-lose but often not readily available bathroom basics that anyone in transition needs to get by—for men, women, and children alike. From shaving to baby-bathing supplies these items really help when last-minute needs must be covered. Ready-to-use budget travel kits are a handy, timely tool. They’re an especially smart way to help the homeless.

Giving takes many forms these days, and most givers with charitable hearts want to know that their contribution makes a real immediate difference in the lives of those who need help. Whether you work with a nonprofit or head up a corporate giving program, your donation of prepackaged hygiene essentials can really help take the edge off for those who struggle. Your contribution will be gratefully received by the homeless, homeless vets, and homeless advocates and support networks alike.

CKI can help you and your organization to fulfill your mission of helping others in a meaningful, albeit basic, way with assembled hygiene travel kits.

Easy to Order and Customize — Online

Budget convenience kits for your outreach programs are available in a number of sizes and shapes. You won’t have a problem or waste any time creating the perfect kit —it’s is easy to customize using our user-friendly online “build-your-kit page.” We’ve made it as simple as it can be with the website tool to pack your kit with globally recognized and value-branded products. Even better, kits and bags can be designed to fit your mission and style, and easily customized/personalized with your company logo. And we’ll get your order details right every time.

Now that you know how easy it is to identify, select and customize outreach hygiene kits, we hope you’ll let us help you help others receive convenience kits that make their lives a little easier and better.

What’s the problem we solve? Life’s little conveniences all in one place, easy to share with those who need them most. That’s affordably and sensibly helping others.