8 Must-Have Items for a Road Trip

The 4th of July is just around the corner, and especially since this year it falls on a Wednesday, for most of you, that means you’re getting a nice long weekend! (Bonus points if you took off work for the whole week - how can we get your job?)

If you’re taking a road trip this weekend, or later on this summer, here are 8 must-have items that you can’t forget to bring along with you!

1. An actual map

I know, how vintage. Even though we all rely on our phones to do pretty much everything for us these days, the truth is, sometimes you may find yourself in a dead zone without any service. Or worse, your charger stops working and your phone dies. How will you know where you’re going when that happens?

2. Auxiliary Cord

What’s a good road trip without a little music? The radio is okay (but doesn’t cut it when you’re driving during rush hour and listening to 2 hours of commercials). Auxiliary cords are super cheap and work with most phones (as long as you have your iPhone 8+ adaptor)  so you can plug straight into Spotify on your way. So grab a few friends, make your favorite playlist and get grooving. Spotify already has a lot of great Road Trip play lists cued up. Or, you can always try YouTube for an album on loop or an hour long set list from a concert/artist you love.

3. A reusable Water Bottle

Don’t spend extra money at every rest stop along the way. Most States (and Canada!) have delicious drinking water...ok, be careful in some! But seriously, you can fill up at the tap or a fountain along the way, cutting costs and your environmental footprint all at the same time. Win win!

4. Travel Sized Toiletries

There’s no reason to lug around giant bottles of shampoo and conditioner that’ll just make your bag heavier and take up exta space in the trunk. The lighter you pack, the more room you’ll have for snacks and beers (or extra leg room, anyone?).

The best travel sized toiletries out there are Convenience Kits, which are cheaper than if you go to Taget or CVS or any drug store of your choice and try to buy each travel sized toiletry individually. If you know your favorite brands, why not order in bulk from their site?

Woman on the Go 16 pc Fructis Premium Travel Kit

Men’s 9 pc Travel Kit


5. A neck pillow

There are so many good ones out there but some of the best are inflatable since they take up next to no room and can be thrown right into your purse or a small backpack. By deflating them after use you make sure they don’t get as dirty, either. They’re great for getting some shut-eye in-between jamming out with your friends!

6. Sunglasses

For those of us who don’t already have a pair of sunnies permanently glued to our heads, it can be easy to forget how crucial these are, especially for the driver. 

7. A Swiss Army Knife

These are great for so many different reasons. We love cutting using ours to cut a few slices of cheese for lunch at the top of a mountain or to crack open a few bottles of beer (only once you’ve safely reached your destination!)

8. Garbage bags (+ recycling)

If you’ll be in the car for a few hours, you will probably accumulate quite a bit of trash. Why not tie a garbage bag to the back of your seat? Or re-use a plastic bag for this very reason? Bring a second one to use for the recyclables!

Hopefully this list gets you started on your adventure, but of course, there’s lots of other must have items you can’t forget (like your driver’s license!). Have a safe and happy 4th of July!