The Great American Road Trip waits for you this Fall

As the leaves start to change colors and a winter chill blows in from the North, American families from sea to shining sea are gearing up for the great American road trip this fall. It might be driving through New England to see the best of fall colors or simply packing up to spend Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house, but millions of Americans will soon be hitting the road and travel has never been easier. Granted, this is in large part due to portable DVD players and devices that keep kids from fighting in the back seat. However, it is also because packing up your family’s hygiene essentials is a breeze with custom convenience travel kits. The road awaits you this fall and now you’ll have everything you need to keep the family smelling fresh along the way.

No More Packing Nightmares

Let’s face it, when it comes to packing up the family for vacation, the heavy responsibility tends to always fall to mom. She’s the one who makes sure the kids have everything they need and she’ll be the one checking off the list twice to ensure no one has forgotten anything. She’ll also be the one ready to pull out her hair when, despite her best efforts, everyone in the house still forgot something. So that’s where Convenience Travel Kits come in to save the day.

These kits make it impossible to forget a hygiene essential, because they already come with everything you need in one package. Just take this 10 Piece Man on the Go Travel Kit for example.  We’d like to say it is just the kids that forget something, but we all know that dad is just as guilty. In this kit, dad can comb his hair, brush his teeth, take a shower, throw on some deodorant and even find time for a quick shave. Mom just needs to order a kit online for dad and she can save him from himself before the trip ever departs.

A Hygiene Kit for Everyone

The beautiful thing about hygiene travel kits is that we’ve got a kit for every person under the sun. We’ve already talked about dad, but let’s not forget about mom. She can grab herself a Women’s Premium 13 piece travel kit and have everything she needs to hit the road. Yet, let’s not forget the baby on the road trip either. Babies are notorious for making a mess and let’s face it, the do a pretty poor job keeping up with their hygiene on their own. So that’s why we’ve made bathing on the road an easy process with this Johnson & Johnson 10 piece Baby Travel Bag. It has everything you need to bathe on the road or over at Grandma’s house.

However, perhaps our greatest innovation when it comes to convenience travel kits is that we understand that no one knows your family better than you. That’s why we allow you to create and customize your own hygiene kits for the whole family. Start with selecting the bag and then simply fill it with everything you know what your family needs, right down to the minor accessories.

Look, we understand just how difficult it can be to load the family up and hit the road for a long trip. It is not easy, but packing your hygiene essentials should be. Not to mention, should you forgo the great American road trip for a trip to the airport, all of our kits and bags are TSA compliant. So as millions of people hit the road or the skies this fall, don’t be one of those who forgets the bare necessities when it comes to hygiene. Let us do the work for you so that you can Pack Light. Pack Smart. Travel On.