The Essence of a Customized Travel Kit

It really can be a struggle sometimes—preparing to travel—especially if you have to travel often, whether alone or with a group. There’s a fear that is common to us all when preparing to travel, the fear of leaving something behind, but in this case it’s forgetting to take that special personal care product on the trip—that shampoo, shaving cream or perfume. We all have that one product that we feel incomplete traveling without. Apart from being attached to the product, they might be difficult to get at your destination; and we have all learnt not to trust the hotel conditioner. Luckily, Convenience Kits International is here to help out in a peculiar way.

We offer a very simple and essential service, providing a personalized package of hygiene products.  The idea of getting all your favorite personal care products in a nice package takes significant time out of what you need for your travel preparations. You don’t even have to worry about the additional weight, because the whole package meets TSA requirements for carry-on items. Convenience Kits helps you to build your unique hygiene package from the scratch. You first get to pick a TSA-compliant bag, ranging from simple to fancy. You then choose the contents from a thoughtfully organized collection of personal care items, from shampoos and conditioners to oral hygiene items, shaving items, deodorants and accessories. The items being offered are all from twelve top-selling national brands, so most people don’t have to worry about a product being new or unsuited to them. Just make sure everything you pick can fit into a quart-sized bag. Happy shopping!

Apart from buying them yourself, it would be great to have a one-stop shop to cover all your travel needs, from ticketing and hotel-booking to hygiene products. If on being directed to the Convenience Kits website you feel that hand sanitizer is essential from plane to hotel, so you don’t catch any infections that will ruin your trip, you can just add them to your product bag with other items and checkout. If you feel that the 2-in-1 conditioner and shampoo from Pantene is best for you, you can do the same. All that would be left for you is to pack your bags and enjoy the trip, any agency that starts providing this much convenience is sure to experience a hike in sales.

In the event that you don’t find a travel agency that can cover all your travel needs, local stores in your destination are the next best thing. Make sure you choose a package design branded with a positive message (many have found this subconsciously helpful). You can simply order ahead and get them sent to your hotel so that you see them as soon as you check-in; this would save you some stress and extra luggage weight—we all know how much difference it can make to have less items being searched when travelling. You can get some extras for next time or to gift your frequent-traveler friends. I would definitely rate a store highly if they stocked the exact personal hygiene items I need.

We all like to be cared for, and we always appreciate it when someone goes the extra mile in rendering a service. It would be a nice appreciation package for first-class passengers—being redirected to convenience kits during booking to customize their own hygiene package, and probably receive it just before departure or on arrival. You would agree with me that being gifted a customized hygiene product package for free is in fact five extra miles.

Our corporate clients have also found use for personal care packages when catering for their employees during company retreats or seminars. A bag of personal hygiene items on a trip goes a long way in making anyone comfortable. What better way to appreciate your employees than with a branded package containing personal care items, courtesy of the company? It significantly reduces the stress of planning trips, for both company and employees. The option of printing the company’s logo and details on the package makes it even better. Just make sure you get clear bags, so that your employees can get through security screening easier. Stepping it up a notch, employees can be asked to go on the website and pick the items they want to include in the personal care package themselves. A female employee may want a foldable brush and mirror and facial wipes that enable her to get ready fast.

With the number of testimonials we have, we understand how important our service is to travelers everywhere.

We have even had orders from people planning weddings and other events, and they were very satisfied with the personalized hygiene products, especially those who had to travel for the event. They even concluded that Convenience Kits has something for everyone, talk about true convenience! While on the plane, they were able to keep their children busy with the TIC-TAC-TOE Peg Game, Wooden Baseball Peg Game and Colored Blocks in the children’s kit.